Zuckerberg’s perfect Response to the Statement ‘Girls should Date the Nerd’

Marck Zuckerberg's response to comment 'girl should date a nerd'

The second largest Social Networking site’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg gave a perfect response to a commenter on his post yesterday that the girls can be as good in technology as guys. They should carry out amazing researches and inventions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). They can be the nerd everyone admire and should be the heroes of their stories.


Zuckerberg's response to 'girl should date nerd'


This was a comment on Zuckerberg’s post about his ‘Personal Challenges for 2016’ – a simple goal of operating his house by an artificial intelligence system. The system can be easily understood by Edwin Jarvis in the movie ‘Iron Man’.  The idea is to help him carry out his household work and office tasks together. This goal can only be the goal of a nerd! What do you say?


So, this woman was easily impressed and gave her comment that it was for this reason that she asks her daughter to ‘date the nerd’ in the school, as he may someday turn out to be somebody like the successful and most admired nerd of the century ‘Mark Zuckerberg’.


The comment was a clear reflection of the old-school of thought that women may only gain status and power by marrying a successful guy. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg’s comment came as a very polite suggestion that the idea can be reversed to the girls being their own heroes. In simple words: a girl can be the “nerd” who would be the next best inventor.


The reply to that comment has come as a great inspiration for girls who grow up in the world where they are constantly reminded that only boys are smarter. It is mostly though that boys lead the way to successful quests and a girl is supposed to fall in love with one of such nerd.


I think this lesson should be repeated over and over again by all the great leaders of all industries today and not just STEM industry, if we want a society where more amazing ideas are put forth by girls along with the boys. The contribution from both the sides can, thus, make our society prosperous in the true meaning of the word.


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