Worth & Wellness: The Proven Path to Self Awareness

Worth & Wellness: The Proven Path to Self Awareness

Setting a well-defined path is often not that easy for each of us. We all have our fears and insecurities that hinder accomplishing high-ended goals. This often leads to lower self-esteem which again stops future venture hunting. Let’s talk today about finding a successful worth and wellness path.

Following goals the right way needs not just dedication but perseverance at the same time. So often it happens that motivation fades taking the spirit to keep going with it. What we truly need is a professionally laid out planner where we can track every step. These planners help tremendously in keeping our focus straight. My 35 pounds weight loss journey could not have been possible if I wasn’t tracking my progress every single day. There were some declines (obviously, we are all human beings) but seeing how far I have come and still have to go made me pick myself up and get back to work.


We can obviously set plans for ourselves; I mean we do know pretty much thanks to free information available on internet. But, nothing can beat a professionally set plan; they are more probable to keep us on the right path. They are more realistic and thought-over owing to the experience of these professionals.


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The Journal that Ensures Beauty within with Beauty Outside

I would talk about the best journal I found on the internet that truly does focus on every aspect of wellness.

I am talking about Worth and Wellness 30 Day Journal by Amy Latta.

The journal is divided into 30 chapters. Each chapter covers a day of the month. Amy Latta has given each day complete justice by carefully setting nutritional, fitness and self-care goals along with thought provoking questions for our inner-self.


What makes Worth and Wellness Journal Stand Out?

You can’t lay your hands on any journal that covers such a variety of necessary aspects of everyday life. I could not, too!

Wellness Focus

  • The nutrition section gives interesting tasks each day for setting habits that are gonna help us live healthy well balanced life ahead.
  • The fitness section provides realistic challenges for workout sets. A person from a beginner to intermediate fitness level can easily accomplish them.
  • Self-care section teaches us how to love and respect ourselves daily. We are surely going to find our true worth at the end of the month!

Worth Focus

  • This is where self-analysis really takes place. We are constantly asked to dig in and know our goals exactly and fully!
  • Key Takeaways: I am totally in love with this section. It lets us focus on things that have been holding us back, and also on the surprises that arise when we decide not to give up!
  • We are free to brain storm and pen down any thoughts or give them shape of a sketch in Mind Mapping zone. You will be surprised how motivating it is to look back one day to our own less worthy and well self.

Important Note: One small point worth mentioning here is that the journal has got plenty of space for notes (so my writer’s spirit need not to bound its words. 😉 ) Believe me, it does count when you are penning down your takeaways, your thoughts of the day or basically your heart out!


Grab your copy of Worth and Wellness journal here. Trust me, you are going to enjoy getting to know yourself. Mostly, you are going to love your new refined self!

Stay on track. Make healthy changes each passing day. But most of all, love and embrace yourself. Nobody else’s love gonna make you feel the same way ever! 🙂

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