Empowered to lose ethics?


I don’t care….

Social norms…. My foot!! I am a liberal woman. I have nothing to do with this freaking society. What I wear and what I don’t, has nothing to with others. I am not answerable to them, as they are not to me. I believe in my identity, being publicized or individualized. I put damn care on how people feel and react over my appearance and the moves, I make, which are simply not their issues. I belong to an elite class not only in terms of richness but also in feminine-freedom. I am a qualified woman after all.  I can exemplify the women, progressing with no conditions to mask their identities.

How do I begin??

I have never been this kind of liberal, until I believed to bring changes. I remained unsatisfied being a belonging of a middle-class representation. I always willed to see myself accompanied with fluttering wings. I kept on cursing the folks, the thirsts and wants, laid under the term expensive and unaffordable. More than these, suppressing women, seemed intriguing subject to me. Therefore I dressed myself with, lavishness of money and freedom. Just as, I married to a born-rich person, I no longer, wanted to see the back of my life with everything under consents named, authority and need.

My promotional journey

During my lavished life’s journey, I was hit many times with the frozen-snowy-rocks, that reminded me to rethink about my turn up to a new phase of life. Sometimes I coped up and other times, I was left in an equilibrium of satisfaction and confusions. There were queries, my inner being searched answers for, but I was afraid to lose the grip, of newly adapted life. I did not want to be seen unadjusted with the moving world’s moves. I never thought to lag my longings into nostalgia. I never wanted to lose an inch of my new image, so as to be seen weak and by the term weak, undeserving is referred.

A difference??

Skinny jeans, tights, short tops, sleeveless, clubbing with social circle, parties, late arrivals at home, indifferent  frankness with male and female friends and alcoholic show-off became brands of my world’s trend.  I was always promoted to relocate my place, with no hesitation and I always enjoyed my hubby’s views. So, broad-minded he is, always resounded in my heart. I felt blessed being a life-companion of a person, with space in his perspectives, for me. He endeavored in transforming my individual being into his (and mine) willed.

A reversed rehearsal…

Watching others, I realized more about the updates of ins and outs. Moving in a society, with a high pace of class n status, always encountered a flashback of my previously-rejected being. I tried to suppress down my previous identification, but somewhere it effused my point of originality.

An Advertisement to a local channel, buckled my point of argument with my inner being… when saw a bold girl, in the arms of her boy-friend with laughing and rolling and dancing, closer to him. Having an alcoholic drink, she pretended to cast, an agreement. I found something, familiar I had seen… something I saw and intended too…somewhere…

It happened to me, to find the same (bold) girl, in a thrown party, talking about the gaze of people on her moves, the critics of the folks about her love-affairs, her sense of commenting down the intentions of people upon her, without sensing her own sense of dressing. She argued categorically, to justify her ways, ethical. She won the votes of many such other women, with a label of nobility (in boldness) and fame (in defaming).

This however challenged my desperation of channelizing out of the modest ways. I began regaining bits n pieces of ethical foot-steps, taught by my elders, my practices towards honor and nobility. I compared my new being with everything worldly to the one, had nothing but respect and a good name. My identity, that was never influenced by my financial conditions. And above all, I was not answerable to my ‘self’ except that for some desperations. A relaxation ran all along my nerves and I sighed with satisfaction.

An Analysis

For my quest of knowledge and satisfaction, I started observing all such feminine elements of this peculiar society, who believed in the freedom of women, liberalism leading to a vulgarize extent. I found no peace into their self and family lives… they were living the hollowed lives. Ensuring the advancement, lost what could bring satisfaction and peace in lives. How would they teach, their children to follow ethics, promote exchange of respect. How they would stand to tell anything, with nothing in their background knowledge. How can they forget, their practices influence their offspring and the societal mindset.

This contradiction needs to be resubmitted to each mind, following the course of Appropriation and Optimal ways. One life does reflect its colors to others, therefore the discrimination from bold and honorable, must be categorized under no harm of losing the ethics. The art of keeping yourself, does not need to sabotage your roots. Others see your transformations and criticize them, with a cause of demotion, does not assure your progress in a fascinated world of rich class. For a move, relook your strategies, before communizing the fashion, as trends.

Shumaila Khan

Shumaila Khan

Shumaila Khan is a Masters Degree holder and works professionally as a teacher in a Cambridge System. She is also a Melodious singer,a keen Reader, an Observer, Blogger and Writer. She also posses good I.T skills. From the nature, what attracts her the most, are the SILENCE and HATRED from the attitudes.
She loves selfies because she believes in her identity and wants to be a 'known writer'.
'' From where they reject, I accept''
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