Winter care routine- A Skin Care Guide

Winter Care tips

Winter is the time to buy nice warm fur coats, scarves and woolly hats.

Time to have chit chats with your loved ones in front of the fire place with coffee and dry fruits.

Time for late night scary movie plans with friends.

But it is also the time when your body wants your complete attention.


We tend to complain about the dull dry skin in winter. Weather is not the one to be blamed but we. As the weather changes, our body needs some special care as well.


Here are some tips that will help you make your winter care routine better  than last year.

  1. Moisturize More:

Change your moisturizer for winter.  Get a creamy rich one if you have dry skin. Apply it more often, especially before going to sleep and after washing your face in the morning , make it one more go with the moisturizer in the evening as well.

  1. Drink More:

We tend to drink less water in winter because we don’t feel thirsty much. We don’t think that our body is in need of water in the winter much. THAT IS WRONG. The body needs the water in the winter as much as it needs during summer, it just expresses it differently. In the summer it shows by dry throats and in the winter by dry skin and lips. Make water intake, an essential part of your winter care routine.

  1. Dry lips:

Take good care of your lips during the summer as they are the most attractive and important part of your face. Apply a good amount of Vaseline and massage gently  for about 2 – 3 minutes before going to sleep. You need your baby soft lips during the dry season too…

  1. Hand and Foot care:

Apply hand cream every time you wash your hands or do the dishes or the laundry. Apply your rich moisture hand cream and massage your hands gently together till it all gets absorbed.  Apply foot cream or Vaseline on your feet before going to bed and wear your favourite socks. It’s going to preserve the moisture and keep your feet baby soft and beautiful.

  1. Do it after the shower:

Your whole body needs moisture and care, even those parts that you don’t show publicly. Those are still your own and need to be taken care of.  Apply your body lotion immediately after taking the shower, your body is warm and soft in the shower. It is going to absorb more moisture from your lotion and keep your body hydrated.

  1. Hair Care:

Hair is not to be neglected as well. You must use some good hair oils or Hair Masks to keep your hair silky and dandruff free during the winter. Make it a regular part or of your winter care.
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