Will OverThinking ever Rule the World?



I bought my domain at the beginning of October BUT I was planning on launching a blog since May 2015 😛


Yes, it’s true I procrastinated half year. I was planning on building my own blog and was writing down all the inspired tips and advice from other pro bloggers.


I used to search for a subject I enjoyed and write down all that I needed to learn. I considered learning EVERY single bit of information before launching my blog, of greatest importance.


(I even did a 30 Day Blogging Challenge BEFORE I even started blogging).


It was September, when I realized that I’m procrastinating BIG TIME. And what lead to procrastination? Overthinking!


When realization hit me that much of precious time is wasted, I immediately got out of bed and stopped thinking of what could go wrong aand all hows and whys and just started working on my goal.


I tend to overthink everything and my mind has this amazing ability to create a thought into negative. I can think of scenarios that haven’t occurred or will never occur. And when I’m not thinking of a problem, it keeps playing all the painful memories of my past that I can exaggerate and make them bigger.


And this happens EVERY single day.


Not just bedtime, even during long drives or even small ones, I can turn my overthinking mode ON 😉 . (That is the reason I consider myself not good at directions).


Reasons why we’re overthinking:


There can definitely be many reasons.

One could be; lack of confidence. This is true in my case. I’m not super confident about everything. That is the reason I think a lot before taking a step or even replying to somebody.  I hesitate because I have a fear of saying something someone might not like.


Another big reason of overthinking is FEAR of Failure. I’m kind of a perfectionist, I want things to be in a certain order and I think of every situation time and again so there aren’t any flaws left. It took me a long time to realize, that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION.


Because, everybody has a different opinion on what they consider to be perfect.


Just remember, you will win, not immediately But Definitely <3

Overthinking never solved anything.


My solution to avoid overthinking about a problem

Since October, I’ve been trying to adopt much healthier habits. Like, I wake up real early, say my prayer, perform exercises, attend lectures and work on my blog till Lunch. Then I give tuition and then enjoy family time or a bit of work/promotion (kinda stuff).


And when I finally go to bed to sleep, I’m too sleepy and satisfied with my achieved goals that I am left with no time to overthink. I still think because its definitely healthy, but fall asleep before I can create a story that doesn’t exist.


So, my advice would be to follow a routine. Not a hectic one but a positive and busy one. Our days should be filled with positivism so we can go to bed peacefully.


In fact the problems will be solved instead of creating many.


Exercise is a solution to not only lose weight but it goes a long way in relieving the negative energy inside us. Working out the muscles in our body releases tension and stress, that is build up by overthinking a problem.


Some people put their thoughts in their journal. Journals, never worked for me though (I don’t know why but I have tried it million times). This blog is also my attempt to write about my opinions (and it’s working pretty good for me) I LOVE blogging 🙂


If we can’t find solution to a certain problem, we should simply let it go.


Have a Great Day !

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4 thoughts on “Will OverThinking ever Rule the World?

  1. Great post! I can definitely relate to over thinking. Mindfulness has helped me a great deal, but I like your approach also and will be adding it to my day.

  2. Great topic and post! Too many of us think about all the “what if’s” and “how to’s” and making everything freakin’ perfect before we take any action! It’s crazy!! We should just go for it and tweak things as we go along! 😀

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