Here’s How You Can Make Vision Boards Actually Work

vision boards

So, you want to create vision boards that work!

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at the right place. 😉

Hey guys!!!

As you can tell, today we’re talking about using vision boards to achieve our goals. If you don’t already know what a vision board is:

it’s a visualization technique that helps you focus on your goals and rewires your subconscious to work on them.

Pretty cool, right? 😉

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Making visions boards just sounds like the process of cutting and pasting images that appeal to you, but it’s WAY more than that!!! Vision boards, if done right, can help you achieve your goals and also become your guides in self-growth.

What we have for you today are some tips that can help you make vision boards actually work for you. So here it goes.

How To Make Vision Boards Actually Effective

A vision board works because visualization has so much power that if done right, it can help you focus on your goals and manifest your intentions.

It’s not rocket science, though.

All you are doing is using the power of your mind to to use the law of attraction in a fun and simple way.

Here are the things you can do it make vision boards SUPER effective:

1. Be Crystal Clear About Your Goals and Intentions

This is actually the first step in making an effective vision board. So, here comes the huge list of things you’ll need to be able to complete this step properly. Just kidding. 😉

Here is an extremely easy way to do it:

All you need is to sit down calmly in a place with minimum distractions, grab a pen and notebook, your laptop, or your smartphone (but NO internet, okay?) – anything you use to take notes generally – and start jotting down all the aspects of your life you want to work on, all your goals and desires, and all the problems you need to overcome.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll feel surprisingly light and pleasant. Since your mind will be clearer, now you can start making a list of your actual goals that you want to achieve. These will be the goals and intentions your vision board will be based on.

Be specific and be VERY clear.

2. Pick The Right Images and Words

In vision boards, is basically a visualization tool with inspiring images and words which we can connect to our goals and intentions.

You can use magazine or online sources like Pinterest and Google Images to find your images. While looking for quotes and images, go for the ones that invoke action and a sense of power rather than creating the sense of wistfulness, that ACTUALLY talks to you, alone!

Don’t go for images that make you feel bad about yourself. Maybe you’re picking that attractive Victoria Secret model’s photo as an inspiration for weight loss, but it might backfire if you end up comparing yourself with her or developing unrealistic expectations.

Vision boards are kind of affirmations themselves that rewire your subconscious in a way that your mindset goes through a positive shift. So, be mindful of what message you’re sending to your mind.

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3. Choose The Right Space For Your Dreams

Making a fancy vision board and then putting it somewhere in your closet where you’re probably never going to see it again won’t help. As said above, vision boards are tools for visualization, and visualization works if you apply it regularly. So, be careful where you place your dreams.

It’s recommended to display your vision board on a place where it will be easily visible to you. Hanging it on a bedroom wall is a great idea, especially, on a place where it’s the first thing in the morning that you see. Mainly, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with, but don’t place it where it’s just going to lay forgotten.

Or if you have a study where you spend most time working, place it there so you are always focused and not working towards something you will regret later!

4. Don’t Just Let It Be A Vision

Visions work when action joins them. A vision board is not some ancient magic trick, it’s a psychological method to help you feel energized and be able to work on your goals with a positive attitude. The universe sure does conspire to bless you with the fulfillment of your dreams if you’re actions are parallel to your visions.

So, focus on the things you can control instead of obsessing over what you can’t.

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5. Recognize The Inner Barriers

A vision board helps you use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams and goals. If you have any subconscious blockage, self-doubt, or an unexplained feeling of unease, you should acknowledge it and try to understand where it’s coming from.

It’s quite natural to feel that subtle nagging from your subconscious that tries to convince you that you deserve certain things or aren’t going to make it. What’s important is realizing that these are just thoughts, not the truth.

To manifest your dreams, you’ll need to get into the root of those inner barriers instead of letting them take control over you.


So, these were few of our tips to help you use your vision board to manifest your dreams. Do let us know if these tips worked for you, in the comments section.

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