Unlocking the Secret Sauce to Success

Unlocking the Secret Sauce to Success-AimzFolio

Today, we have an outstanding guest at AimzFolio magazine. He is a life coach as well as a motivational speaker. Buckle up everyone because we are gonna hear his own story full of inspiration and motivation & his top Secret Sauce to Success as an Entrepreneur. You might think its the same ol’ one in the beginning but trust me and bare with him, because the end is gonna blow your head off! Ready? Let’s get started!!!


Everything was going well for me and my business. I had begun hosting real time seminars which were all successful in themselves, I had also just launched the first edition of my magazine and it was followed by more achievements I was grateful for. In line to doing more and creating more value that could impact people and make a difference in their lives, I made a step to begin a radio show. It was one of my brightest business ideas and it caused great excitement among my friends. We brainstormed together on what should be the title of the show. Without a delay, I prepared a proposal and got ready for the ride.
The proposal was written and designed to make the radio station own the trademark (legal rights) of the radio show but allow me to be the presenter or co-presenter of the program as suited by the radio station. This technique was employed because as at the time, finance to run the radio show on ‘paid time/schedule’ was not at hand and waiting was not an option I considered as the radio station was barely a month old in existence and I thought it wise to make an early move.
On the beautiful morning of the last Thursday of March, I dressed in one of my best attires and was ready to face any panel and to answer all questions that may be thrown at me. A reliable source, who is also a friend, gave me a tip that I should seek an audience with the programs director of the radio station in person. On reaching the radio house, I did as I was told, but unfortunately the programs director had left his office minutes before I arrived.
That wasn’t disturbing for me because I was certain I will win a show schedule anytime I get to meet the programs director, I was very positive. On the fifth of April, I returned to the radio house and this time I met with the programs director. The meeting was briefer than I expected and at the end, something almost normal but memorable happened.
We had a warm handshake and the conversation went this way:

Programs directorGood morning
I: Good morning sir!
I: I am Victory Bassey and I brought a proposal for a radio show for this radio station.
Programs director: What is the program about? (Without looking at my typed proposal.)
I: It is a talk-based program about youth empowerment and helping people ‘stay alive’ in this present difficult …. (Cutting me short, he spoke.)
Programs director: Do you want to pay?
I: I’m giving the radio station the rights to….. (Cutting me again)
Programs director: I am sorry, we already have too many programs. (He had not even looked at the proposal!)
At this point, I felt a cold race of blood going through my whole body. This happened not just because I and my work was just rejected, but also because the program’s director did not attempt to listen to what I had to say and I was very certain there were still available slots for new programs (I listen to the station almost daily).
We ended the discussion with another handshake, this time I was cold and wouldn’t call the handshake a warm one. I left the radio house filled with thoughts, disappointment and a heavy heart. To be sincere with you, I was almost in tears…
As I walked away from the building, bit by bit I analyzed every part of my just experienced rejection and I somehow found the courage within me that whispered “…what matters is not that you were rejected rather what matters is that you have something special to offer, the programs director just couldn’t see it!”
For me, that sparked a relieve and it spurred me to creating a resolution, that in all I do, I will put in more effort, I will create more value, I will commit myself to my passion and life goals and eventually I will become successful to the extent that rather than ‘pleading’ for a spot in radio houses any longer, I will be a sought after speaker in my locality, nationwide and globally.

How does this relate to you my friend?

As you pursue your goals in life and seek for greater business opportunities, you might face challenging situations, many of which may try to deter your motivation and drive. If you do not find the inner strength to press forward, to encourage yourself, to know that rejection isn’t meant to stop you, but rather it is meant to clarify your mission and spark a level of commitment to your goals, then you might lose out of everything you’ve spent your time and resources for months or years trying to build. The Secret Sauce to Success is to accept rejection:

Rejection is meant to clarify your mission and spark a level of commitment to your goal.

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Dear friend, your dreams and goals may not be understood even by your closest friend or business associate. But if it is real to you, then let nothing diminish your dreams. Capitalize on your fears, disappointments, failures and rejections and make your doubts realize that you are stronger than you seem, braver than you think and smarter than you imagine.

Handle rejection by letting it inspire you to go deeper in your commitment and soar higher in your achievements, only then can you sing the song of victory.

You have to make the decision to be greater than anything that tends to bring you down. I survived the heartbreak of rejection and I am moving forward and daily I sing the song of victory.
Are you ready to begin singing yours?
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Did you enjoy his story as much as we did? What’s your Secret Sauce to Success? Let us know in the comment section below. 🙂

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