The Power of Makeup! It’s way more than you think

Power of Makeup

Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials started this “The Power of Makeup” challenge on YouTube in which she transformed half of her face as super glam and left the other half; bare with absolutely no makeup on.


As Nikkie described, the power of makeup is simply a message for people who think makeup is a “bad” thing.


I think every girl can relate to this. I mean, I like my natural look (I love it actually) but I also love trying on different looks and styles. Makeup is not something I put on as a mask because I hate my natural self.

I’ve seen a lot of posts like these on Facebook where people tell that girls don’t need a lot of makeup, no need to feel insecure or they use makeup to impress boys. Well, let me just say this on behalf of many makeup artists and makeup lovers, that we DON’T put makeup to impress boys.

We definitely don’t hate our natural self. Personally speaking, I love myself bare faced but being an artist it’s sooo fun to play with colors and trying out different looks is my passion.

Applying makeup is just my way of expressing my personality. It’s a way to enhance my natural features than to hide them.
I wanna request to EVERYONE that If you see girls on Instagram with or in real life with ton of makeup, please don’t label as “insecure” or “over dramatic” or “idiots” 😛 We just love Makeup 😀


I like playing with colors be that on my face or a canvas 😀


Some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks‘ is what Vivian would say to people when they furrow their brow and struggle to understand the love for all things cosmetics.


Without further ado, I’m gonna list 7 of my favorite Makeup transformations on YouTube that will blow your mind and change the whole concept of thinking makeup as a ‘crime’.

The Power of MAKEUP! The girl who started it

Cartoon Makeup Half Man-Half Woman – Kandie Johnson

Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial Transformation – Kandie

Gender Makeup Transformation

Acne Coverage Foundation Routine

Asian Kylie Jenner Makeup Transformation For Hooded & Asian Eyes ♥ Blue Hair Look ♥ Wengie

The Power of Makeup | Evelina Forsell

Before And After Makeup And Hair Transformation

Makeup or Magic? 50 Second Makeup Transformation! | Stephanie Lange

Don’t feel bad about loving makeup. It’s not a crime. You’re simply more creative than the rest of them;)

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27 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup! It’s way more than you think

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  2. It is interesting to see the “power of makeup” especially when it can help with the way you feel about yourself. There is nothing wrong with a bare face, but there is also nothing wrong with a little makeup to enhance our beauty or just for fun.

  3. I love make-up. It’s like my armour, particularly if I am having a rough day. If I put on the make-up then my mood immediately lifts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I love this!!!

    As someone who is totally clueless with makeup, especially anything beyond just day to day makeup- I am AMAZED by these transformations!!! I LOOOOVE the costumey styles too, sooooo much fun!!! I need to start getting more into the beauty side of things lol


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