The Hashtag #CaptionABizarrePic Spreading Humor all over Twitter

The hashtag #CaptionABizarrePic is undoubtedly trending, and has created a jubilant atmosphere all across Twitter. The participation response for this hastag is skyrocketing; people are literally finding “bizarre” pictures to give them funny captions. This hashtag is really enticing people because of its “amusing” content.

  1. This is exactly how an average looking girl receives DMs on twitter. The cat humorously resembles to the average girl on twitter, and the picture demonstrates the “slide in DM” ambush guys use on girls with “cute” AVIs. The picture couldn’t be captioned more perfectly.

captionabizzarepic- hilarious pictures


  1. This picture has also been greatly captioned. Snapchat is precisely transforming humans into dogs. We all are aware of that “dog filter” hype.

 captionabizzarepic - human turning into dogs using snapchat

  1. Oh-so-perfectly-captioned. This is exactly what happens when we get ready a lot early.  

  captionabizzarepic- hilarious picture of dog with wig and girl's clothing

  1. This picture is definitely making all of us laugh horribly. These pigeons totally portray the scene of an interview. Thanks to #CaptionABizarrePic for making us laugh.

captionabizzarepic - hilarious picture pigeons having fast food

  1. No matter how old you get, best friends always get time to hangout, and to indulge in their favorite activities. This picture proves “friendship never gets old.”

captionabizzarepic - grannies smoking and drinking alcohol

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Arooj Aleem

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