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Aimzfolio in conversation with Thai Bin Amber Ali

The interview with Thai Bin Amber Ali left me totally confused! I am not too sure whether to call her the perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect daughter, perfect entrepreneur or a perfect coach. She enjoys being a mom; for her it’s the best part she has ever played. She loves her 4 Seasons Home Maintenance business and being a fitness coach of 20,000+ ladies at her Facebook Group. And has most close relation with her parents and spouse. Nicely put: a true inspiration for all those ladies who find managing work AND home together extremely tough. Oh yeah, and without a nanny too!

So, how has she set perfect boundaries for every role of hers? In her own words put:

“Setting priorities is what makes me carry out all duties efficiently.”

An MBA from London School of Economics, Thai Bin Amber Ali moved to great London for a bit of extra green and also to provide better education to her 3 children.


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A Little About her Business:

4 Seasons Home maintenance has been providing complete home maintenance services to London’s mom for last 15 years. The network is smartly run from Facebook. The services include but are not limited to decorating, painting, plumbing and carpentry. In short words: home services of anything and everything a client requires to get done in their house. Pretty cool, right? 😀


Let’s dig in and find how she accomplished such a balanced life:


A typical day to be Thai Bin Amber Ali: how you carry out your day?

Wakes up with the chirping birds and offer my prayer. Wake up my kids, drop one at quarter to eight  and the youngest by half past eight. Gets to train station to go to work; typically starts my work at 9:30am.

Return home before kids do, do some grocery shopping, pick them from school, prepare and have lunch. After lunch, I usually take them for swimming, after which I watch them while they study.

Well, the rest is the same as any mom’s. Preparing meal, enjoying a family time at dinner table with a bit of chit chat and laughter.


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Your advice to those who are afraid to start something new?

If you believe in yourself, if you believe in what you are doing, there should be nothing stopping you! You have to have the self-believe that I can do it, and yes we won’t always succeed but we don’t go through these failures without getting to the position we desire. You just put your 100% in and you will get it. I have this absolute blind faith in Allah that He will do it; as long your intentions and actions are clean He will just sow the magic. Life is not gonna be a bed of roses but if we believe in it, we are gonna make it happen.

You just put your 100% in and you will get it. I have this absolute blind faith in Allah that He will do it; as long your intentions and actions are clean His magic will take care of the rest.

Life is not gonna be a bed of roses but if we just keep believing, we are gonna make it happen.

We are gonna see phases where people will tell us we are good for nothing and whatever we do we are gonna fail at that and are not gonna succeed.


For some success is defined by the number of bucks in their pockets, for some it’s different. How do you define success?

For me, success is peace of mind. It’s not defined by money; money is just a necessity. Life is a beautiful journey as long as we have good to others and to ourselves you’ve found your success. As long as we have peace of mind, comfortable living: THAT’s Success.

I am happy with what I have; as long as I can create happiness around me, make my kids successful, good happy human beings, ofcourse my parents too, and the people who mean something to me.


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What makes you keep going?

I am one track minded women. Seeing my children happy keeps me going. My whole life revolves around them. I am called a “tiger mommy”, for me mediocre is unacceptable. I am the mother who is always pushing: yes you can do it! You can succeed you can be successful! Seeing them going,  make my keep going! 


I always get tons of inspiration by your ideas, I mean the recipes you provide every other day on Diet66 are really out of the box. How do you generate these ideas?

Ideas just come because I am really passionate about food & healthy eating. I am reading related articles all the time, plus doing a food science course online. I just want to make a change in this world, want to teach people about food. Ideas just come randomly; honestly, I am full of ideas.


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How you came across your business idea?

I carried out so many jobs as a student. Sometimes I would sell baked potatoes in Ideal Home Exhibition, so there was a cleaning company which I worked for. While doing that I came across the idea that if I were to ever start a business I would do this and provide other services along with it.

Opportunities are endless; the rest is upon us we can either avail or waste them.


Opportunities are endless; the rest is upon us we can either avail or waste them-Thai Bin Amber Ali-Aimzfolio
Interview with Thai Bin Amber Ali


Do you consider money as a part of motivation?

Basically, I have a few goals that I want to achieve. Money is necessary as long as I can get them; as long as I can pay the bills, mortgage and provide the basics to my family.

How do you see your business in the future? Where do you want it to be?

My family always comes first; as long as I can be a good wife, a good daughter and a good mother; money doesn’t derive me. I have set my priorities in life where work is a necessity; I have to work; but my family is not the second best, they are always the first in the line for everything.

Think about a bicycle, if you steer more to either side you will lose the balance. Same is the case with life; you don’t have to give more or less to one thing; YOU HAVE GOTTO KEEP THE BALANCE! It’s all about priorities; you have to think what’s important in a particular stage of your life.


you have gotto keep the balance in life. It’s all about priorities; Thai Bin Amber Ali-Aimzfolio
Interview with Thai Bin Amber Ali

It does take time to set priorities; you have to sit and reflect where exactly you are in life and where exactly you want to go.


Biggest lessons life has taught you?

Trusting people and expectations gave biggest let downs in life.

When you don’t get something after expecting it; you are most grieve. Expectations lead to disappointments. So, I simply just don’t expect.


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What is your ultimate goal in life?

 After I have passed through the stage when I have seen my kids well settled in their lives, I will set down to do what I actually want from my life. I would love to be a woman who empowers other women. I would like to be part of an organization. I would also like to educate and guide people more about food; Diet66 is, thus, definitely a future focus of mine. I believe that everything is possible, just want to transfer this will power to others. And lastly, I would like to travel; that definitely is going to be on my to-do list for ultimate goals.


Advice for new comers in entrepreneurship world?

If you truly are passionate for something, just go for it! Keep repeating: “fail, fail again fail better”. Just keep on striving and nothing can stop you. There is nothing stopping you, honestly! The generation of today has so much for them; the world is at your fingertips with the social media. Utilize it to the fullest. Keep striving in the positive direction.

The only thing that’s stopping you is in your head!

Never listen to the negative mongers. Let them talk. At the end of the day you are who you decide to be.

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