Stop Judging – Don’t judge someone, just because they sin differently than you!

Stop judging someone


We’re living in a world where calling someone fat is offensive but calling someone skinny is fine????


Anywhere I go, I’m being judged by people around me. On my beliefs, my lifestyle, my looks, pretty much anything that they think is wrong with me ‘according to them’.

Stop Judging-Gender Inequality

I’m from Pakistan. And I used to think that, Pakistanis are so much judgmental.  I’m serious; people will judge me even the way I sit. But it’s not about a single country; everyone in the world is judging someone.


It’s everyone’s nature to judge. We all do it. And I’m not saying, I’m an exception. I judge big time (and I’m definitely not proud of it)


I judge people as if I’m the perfect one.


I agree everyone has their own opinions, their own point of views. I strongly believe in taking a stand for what you believe but that doesn’t mean that we discourage someone else. We should be helping others, not break their heart. We can’t tell them that you’re doing something wrong.  If we know that someone is wrong, we can recommend them.


I don’t realize this, but I might become much more materialistic day by day. The most horrible thing is, nowadays, we sit together, a friend’s hangout, judging is the key component in our conversations. I judge strangers that walk by.

I feel sad, every single time, when I think about it.

And this is very common; this is basically what we do. Instead of talking about ourselves, we criticize people we don’t even know.


It’s so easy to point at someone, but when others point at us. They’re mean!


This is not fair. It’s not fair at all. In my opinion if a person wants to do something, just let them do it on their own. If somebody is studying something that IN YOUR OPINION is not worth it, then you need to change your opinions on things, instead of telling them that they’re not making a difference, or it’s easy or it’s not fancy and stuff. Everyone should have the freedom to follow their passion (no matter what it is). We should help them achieve it, not make it harder to finish with.


Never judge a book by its cover!


There is a way of expressing our thoughts. There is a way of telling your views.


Stop judging someone on their appearances, sins, habits, for all we know, that person is more saint than us.


People should really understand the consequences of judging someone. Some people might be strong enough to get away with our criticism but others might have deep feelings. And they’re not weak they’re just not that used to of your disapproval. Some people might not react immediately but when discouraged constantly even the strongest person can become weak.


In the end one might lose their confident, follow other people’s footsteps.

5% of high school students commit suicide based on judging.”- Patrick Oston claims from Research


Oh my God! This is serious! When I think of a suicide story, it’s horrifying. It’s so sad that there are people who can give up so easily. And we can’t hate the society; we should hate ourselves for not helping someone in need.


Everybody is fighting their own battle. Their problems might seem small to us but not to them.  Who are we to judge?


I was affected by judging a lot and about a year ago, I realized that if I can’t stand the idea of people telling me what to do and what not do than I should stop doing it myself. I’ve been trying my best to change this habit of judging people by their appearances, by their lifestyle, point of views, and anything that I don’t have a saying in. and I started noticing how much we judge others on our daily basis.

I have always believed in the saying; ‘what goes around comes all the way back around.’

This was a big reason I wanted to change. Because I knew, if I judge people, people will judge me back.

Don’t judge others, just because they sin differently than you!

One reason for this behavior could be that, we’re insecure (obviously). Maybe we’re unhappy about something in our life; we’re not satisfied of our habits, instead of improving ourselves we tend to pull other people down.


Read more tips on how to let go of our insecurities.


Maybe we feel lonely. We’re sad.  Or we’re perfect at things than other people. Maybe we are but that shouldn’t be the reason to judge others.

Please please stop judging! I cannot stress enough on this.

Changing our way of thinking!

We should stop judging others and start improving our own lives, our own habits.


One by one, if we change our bad habits, we can make a big difference. Maybe even inspire someone. We have no idea, who might end up being helped.


We all make mistakes, we’re all human beings. We sin.

Bullying is not an option!!


It is a common misconception, that if a person has a certain style or is wearing good clothes, they’re rich. Actually, they’re just confident in their own style, in whatever they’re wearing. Labels don’t count.

Stop Judging-Breaking the Stereotypes
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It’s about viewing things differently. We should be able to feel confident in our own skin, our fields, and our lives.

We should stop being materialistic. The big things might make us feel good now but little things will make us feel better later on.


Stop Judging, Stop Judging, Stop JUDGING !!

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