Stop Being Sad and Be Awesome instead!

Stop being Sad and Be Awesome Instead

How to stop being sad and be awesome instead?

Classic Barney Stinson! I love that guy.


I don’t know, Barney was supposed to be a disgusting character but I always find him funny which is why he was my best character in the whole HIMYM series.


He had a deep story but what I learnt from him was that he was never upset. Or at least he never whines about his problems.


Sometimes, it is necessary to let go of our feelings and sorrows. Which is a must (I’m not saying we shouldn’t), but not in front of everyone.


Sharing our sorrows can make us feel good but sharing Joys can double our joys.


Making someone feel good can bring joy in our lives as well. Spreading laughter and love can decrease all the negativity in this world.


We can share our problems with our friends or family members.

Having a little ‘Me’ time is a must for me (‘coz I’m EXTREMELY emotional and if I don’t share it with someone, it can be pretty hard for me.


I’m not gonna change my nature but I can stop myself from crying in front of EVERYONE.

“If you want to lift yourself up,

Lift up someone else.”

                                        -Booker T. Washington

Everybody is facing a hard battle, none of us is perfect.


There are people around us who have problems that are much bigger than ours and I think we should solve others problems instead of crying about our own.


There are very few people who can motivate others. Who can boost morale. We should try our best to be one of those. Coz’ those people are awesome!


Learning how to see ‘a glass half full’ is not easy. It’s not for everyone I get it. But we can always try to JUST improve ourselves.


Being depressed ALL THE TIME can demoralize our own self and other people around us.


Surround yourself with Positive Energy.

Good Vibes translates into good moods and better health all around.

I recently read an article “Surround Yourself with Positive People” which was based on how her Career life was affected by meeting two totally different minded fellows.

She introduced a guy who has recently lost fifty pounds and was now very successful in his personal and professional life. Harrison was so intrigued by this person’s happiness and successful lifestyle that she decided to share his secrets to everyone.

On the other hand, a guy, who was a colleague in her office, this person could ONLY talk about his problems. The writer was depressed when she was around this person. He could only make her feel bad about her job as well (which she was really enjoying).


People LOVE to be around with Positive Energy as it can motivate them as well. Nobody wants to be with a person who spreads negative Vibes.

Be the one who can make other people rise not down.

“A sad soul can kill you far quicker than a germ

– John Steinback


Be more optimistic and you won’t be sad anymore. Changing your negative attitude to a positive one affected my lifestyle, especially professional. I used to be depressed on EVERY failure I fail. Now, I try even harder and I definitely feel successful.


Every time I’m upset or depressed over something I tell myself to be like Barney.

Be Awesome and Suit Up! 😉 😛

(I want to but I don’t have a suit 🙁 )

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8 thoughts on “Stop Being Sad and Be Awesome instead!

  1. Love your article about positive thinking. Just reading a book about emotional intelligence and that is closely connected to this. Positive attitude makes such a huge difference in life.

  2. Great post. Barney Stinson is amazing. He teaches us how to rise above the small issues in life and be happy instead. Thanks for sharing this Wonderful post.

  3. Awesome post! It’s def true that surrounding yourself with more positive people can have an effect on your own mood. But the problem is so many of us are around “negative Nancy” all the time, although we may not realize it at first. I didn’t realize how negative 90% of the people I hung around were until I got into entrepreneurship and started studying on how to have success. All the successful people’s secret seemed to be hanging around other positive people-either personally or by listening to their videos/audios, reading their books, etc. Hopefully people will start to understand this and if they want to truly change their situation will take the 1st step-finding a new crowd to hang with! 🙂

    1. It’s true I never realized how much I was surrounded by these kind of people until I started to change myself and be the positive person that other people needs. That’s the best we can do is to be the change we wish to see in the world!

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