How to Start Learning Arts? It’s ok to be a Copycat

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Yes, you heard me. Be a copycat to start learning arts. Why? How else are you going to learn on your own? You are a beginner and that too a self-taught one, there is no way you can be a pro right now. But you are completely willing to get around to that, aren’t you? For starter, you can be a copycat and you don’t have to hide it.

Let’s say, you made something you learn from a picture on Google, be confident and tell yes, you copied it and it’s just a start. Relax 😉

Start copying what you love. Copy, copy, copy, copy. At the end of the copy, you will find yourself. – Yohji Yamamoto



Because you are starting, you are a learner and you need ways to start learning arts. And the best way is by copying anything you find captivating. Copying is just a form of practice, don’t judge yourself. You are only practicing and it is one of the best effective way out there to learn, believe me!

By copying you begin to understand, you will connect, combine and learn how to move your tool the right way.

Research and choose the one you are sure you can copy and then see yourself getting better and confident with time. And isn’t that confidence that you actually need to grow and make your own art!?


Be a viewer

Start watching videos, pictures or read articles related to what you want to do and how to start it. Open your mind and let everything sink in. I’m taking the example of painting. There are millions of artist from the dawn of the time.

Choose! Yes, choose the one that interests you the most, the one who’s idea ignites the fire in you, read their history, learn their techniques, observe how they turn a plain messy canvas into a beautiful portray, landscape or just a perfect piece of art.

It will mesmerize you how just few strokes of brushes right in front of your eyes will turn something into an absolute art. How using the brush this or that way will help you, how to move your hands, what color to choose, and how to make those clouds with the lights shining through them!


Write your goal, remind yourself

Do you keep forgetting that you are a learner? Let’s just write it on something and put it somewhere where you can always see it.

Learning is just a process, it’s not the output!

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You have to remind yourself that you are in your learning phase, you are just getting started learning arts and there will come a day when you will be so good at what you do that you will not have to copy anyone. And let’s just remind ourselves again, who are we copying? The masters! In fact not exactly copying, but learning because we are self taught artists!


Every Master was once a Beginner

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Why afraid!? Is it going to hurt anybody or yourself?  I don’t think so. And if it’s bothering someone, just don’t pay attention to them. I have seen people bothered by the copy of Picasso, but is it hurting Picasso or anyone!? Picasso is the master and every single artist looks up to him. By copying him, I’m only trying to know him, understand his techniques, connect to what he tried to tell through his paintings. That’s going to help me when I’m standing with a plain canvas and a paint brush in my hand. I will think and wonder and feel just like I did when I was copying Picasso and practicing my way through him. You should check out Picasso’s self portrait evolution, how he changed from what to what and how in every form you will see art and what made him so much famous with time.


Becoming amazing!

Nobody’s born perfect, but there is talent in everyone. You just have to be a master of that talent. By copying, you are growing and learning what made them paint/draw/sketch like that!?

So, you go for one artist and then another, and learn and feel, observe the difference in techniques.

Each time you learn something different, which in future will only help you! And in the end it’s only you who helped yourself and grew and got better, and those very same people will be standing there watching you and wondering when did he/she become this amazing!?


Flattery (oh yeah! Even when you are just starting to learn arts)

Imitation is a sincerest form of flattery. -Charles Caleb Colton

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Yes indeed it is! And who are you flattering!? The masters! Why!? Because you want to get better like them and one by one you learn, get better in one thing and then in another! Have faith and definitely a day will come when you will be a master to someone! And who will be an inspiration to many!

Once you see something that interests you, ignites the fire in you, inspire you, go copy! Or who knows in the half way there, you’ll get a better idea yourself!? That is possible, right!?

When you are sincere with your art and you want to get to that place where people will look at you with wonder, where you will be at peace with yourself, where you will be happy!


Let’s hope and start learning your favorite art today, tonight, and very day! Copy this and copy that. When you know how to paint/sketch/draw mountains, clouds and a house, it will only take your imagination to get to the next level.

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I'm taking full advantage of all the time i have after graduation, trying to build up a life I will be proud of in the future. Internet has always provided me with all the inspiration I ever needed and now i want to share this experience with others. I'm a self taught artist, oil painting is my passion and I very much see myself in the future with it. I'm also teaching as a part-time job, and now writing arts related articles so I will be of help to others.

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