How to do a spa like pedicure at home | Get rid of extremely dry heels

How to do a spa like pedicure at home Get rid of extremely dry heels

Need results like spa in pedicure done at home? 

How to do a spa like pedicure at home? How to get rid of extremely dry heels? These are some of the very common questions of a woman whose feet are troubling her beauty.

After months of pedicuring at home, I am finally going to share my method with everyone out there. This unique technique gives spa like results in the comfort of your home all the while being right on the budget.

How to do a spa like pedicure at home and get rid of extremely dry feet

Diving right in, what you will be needing is:

  1. a foot scrub
  2. a pumice stone
  3. a buffer
  4. bleach 
  5. nail clippers/filer
  6. orange stick
  7. Vaseline
  8. favorite body wash
  9. a tub of hot water
  10. socks
  11. pink lipstick
  12. cuticle remover
  13. skin brush

Bleach is optional, I usually use it once every month. Also do leave a comment down below to see how to make your very own bleach for sensitive skin.

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Spa like pedicure at home | Get rid of extremely dry feet Before and After results
Spa like pedicure at home | Get rid of extremely dry feet

The Process

Step #1 – Bleach

Properly wash your feet and apply bleach on them. This helps remove any tan on your feet. Sit and relax for around 20 minutes before you clean it off.

Step #2 – Clipping and Filing

Wash off the bleach from your feet and clip off your nails in your preferred shape. Short and neat work for me just fine. You can also file them after clipping to refine any harsh edges.

Step #3 – Cleaning

Apply some cuticle remover on your nails. Then clean the inside of the nails and dislodge any dead skin by using an orange stick.

Step #4 – Cuticle Pushing

Using the flat side of the cuticle pusher push back your cuticles.  Do not cut them as this will slow down the growth of your nails. You should observe that your nails have already started to look reasonably clean.

Step #5 – Hot Bath

Take some hot water in a footbath or a tub, bear in mind the water should not be burning hot but a little more than mildly warm only. Add some shower gel and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The essential oils sooth your skin and give your feet a nonabrasive experience. Soak your feet in the water for a good 15 minutes. Wipe them off with a clean towel. At this point your feet are ready to get rid of excess dirt that had started making home there.

Step #6 – Brushing

Take some bath soap or body-wash on a brush to clean your feet. This process helps the circulation of the blood to gain adequate pace.

Step #7 – Scrubbing

Take your preferred scrub, I personally use Marine Salts from Avon because it’s fairly gentle on the skin. Rub your scrub on your feet. Take the pumice stone and dislodge any dead skin left on your feet. This step can take you much time depending on the condition of your feet. Keep scrubbing until you feel your feet are void of any dead skin and dirt patches.  Wash off your feet once again.

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Step #8 – Buffering

Use a buffer this time to clean off the callus on your heels.

Pro Tip: Use both the buffer and the pumice stone once a month and a buffer once every week after taking a bath to keep feet clean and breathing.

Step #9 – Time for some Magic

Wash off your feel and pat them dry. Take a good quantity of petroleum jelly/Vaseline to massage your feet. Next use a toothpick to apply some pink lipstick on your feet. For a proper demonstration of the process take a look at the video linked below.

This will not stain anything but your feet so you need not worry. The pink blush will last up to a week. Once you have massaged Vaseline and the lipstick on your feet put on a socks to absorb any moisture and leave it overnight. Wake up to the most beautiful feet in the world.

I have been trying this for months now and can definitely guarantee you a ton of compliments coming your feet’s way. Don’t forget to share this diamond in the rough with your friends. We all deserve some pretty looking feet.  Let your friends know how to do a spa like pedicure at home.

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How to do a spa like pedicure at home Get rid of extremely dry heels

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