Foolproof Tactics to Make the Best Bridal Beauty Survival Kit

Foolproof Tactics to Make the Best Bridal Beauty Survival Kit

 Many brides, no matter how prepared, face one or the other bridal beauty mishap on their Big Day!


The mishaps may range from small amount of foundation rubbed off to dress tearing apart. (This has really happened to some brides, trust me!)


The reasons for the bridal beauty mishaps can also be large in number. A naughty kid might find it amusing to run into the bride (God help her!). Or an aunt may realize that she is really gonna miss the bride, thus kissing her all over the face 😛 Or in case of traditional weddings; as they demand a bride to sit for a long time (especially the eastern ones); face beauty mishaps are more inevitable.

So, simply put, a bride cannot simply go to the wedding without her survival bridal beauty kit!

Hand over the bridal beauty bag to one of the bridesmaids for safe keeping and safe arrival at the reception. She needs not to carry it in the wedding, bringing it to destination would be just perfect.


Check out my quick list of common bridal beauty mishaps and how a bride can avoid them.

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Avoiding Makeup Mishaps:


  • Keep Blotting papers in the kit, to avoid that shiny skin in the photos.
  • Off course a Lip gloss too, to keep you looking polished and fresh.
  • Don’t forget the Q-tips for smudges.
  • Some Facial tissues to wipe away what needs to be wiped away 😉
  • You can be more careful and put some Makeup remover pads as well, just in case of misty-eyes.
  • Eye drops to quell the eyes redness, especially, if you have sensitive eyes like mine.


Bridal Beauty Hair High Jinks:


  • Hair spray for quick pickups, I hate fly-aways :@
  • Extra hairpins, to use in case of some emergency; hair always gets more unmanageable on occasions, damn!
  • A small mirror for periodic checkups.
  • Travel comb or brush (don’t even think to go without it 🙂 ).

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For Dress Fiascos:


  • Clear nail polish to fix runs.
  • An emery board, to prevent problems in case you get a pointy nail.
  • White chalk to cover any scratches or stains; this truly can be a life-saver, trust me!
  • Dry shampoo in case you have extremely oily hair, or may be the weather cause some hair changes (with all destination weddings everywhere, who knows what destination’s weather does to your hair ;)).
  • Feminine hygiene items (just in case).
  • Some Krazy Glue for heel fixes and veil tears: we never know when the bad luck might hit.
  • Boby pins: might be handy for like a thousand hacks.
  • Safety pins and double-sided tape to hold whatever needs to be held together.

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I hope you guys find the tips handy, also let me know if I have missed a point or two.

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13 thoughts on “Foolproof Tactics to Make the Best Bridal Beauty Survival Kit

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’m starting up a wedding/event planning business & it will be handy to have these things ready for each bride on their special day.

  2. This is a great list. I forgot almost all of this stuff on my wedding day but thankfully I didn’t end up needing it. It’s always better to have it just in case!


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