Tricks to Get More Eyeballs on your Shiny Hair

Tricks to Get More Eyeballs on your Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is always been my best friend. I have enjoyed and cherished it the most, my entire life.

Sadly, however, with age, the exposure to harsh chemicals and atmosphere make our hair dull, dry and lifeless.

Maintaining its strength along with keeping it shiny and sleek is a quest that I was after for many years.


Today I wanna share with you guys the steps that have worked for me in maintaining the healthy shine that everyone falls in love with.

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1)    Always use Natural Masks

Mark my words: more chemicals = more damage. Some people have actually gone to NO-SHAMPOO mode for their life time! I also tried once; it went pretty well, too! But, then I had to go out of city for some time and all my plans went down the gutter. Nevertheless, I have always stuck to all natural hair masks for healthy, glowing, shiny hair. Here is the list of tried and tested natural hair masks that can surely give dried and damaged hair a perfect shine.


2)    Eat Healthy

Read this complete guide to eat healthily in order to get strong and shiny hair.


3)    Comb Wisely

The third tip could be my first one, as it has helped me lot in keeping that glowing look.

The silky and shiny hair speaks the story of strong and healthy scalp. Maintaining a healthy scalp can be therefore the first step.

After shampooing, the roots and the scalp are too sensitive; treating them with comb or brush may damage hair strength. The tip that helped me was: never brush hair quickly after a bath. Let it dry itself before combing/brushing.

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4)    Avoid the Towel

No matter how tempting it is to towel-dry hair right after the shower, it is in fact the most dangerous thing we can do to our hair. Think about the sensitive roots and soil of a plant right after watering! If we disturb the plant at the time, it will surely weaken the roots and soil contact. Same is the case with hair. Let it air-dry! Do not try to dry it with towel or blow drier.

The worst cases are: Wrapping the towel around hair after bath or harshly rubbing it on our beloved hair.

The best tip: Let it air-dry. Or just tap dry using towel with softest of movements.


5)    A bit of Oiling goes a Long Way!

Oiling is probably the best way to give that shine to our dry and damaged hair. But often we have less time (or stamina) for overnight oiling. In such a situation the best practice that works for me is: take just a few drops or maybe a tablespoon full of oil and apply it to scalp right after shower. This is an age old practice recommended by my mother.

Some points to keep in mind are:

  • Do not use much oil that may create visible shine.
  • Massage it well until absorbed.
  • Use oils that are less greasy, e.g. coconut and almond oils.


6)    Use Conditioner

I was never a big fan of conditioner (thought it was a time wastage) until I actually used some. Trust me the result was smooth, silky and shiny hair! The conditioner made it more manageable and less breakage was observed.

But do not use it more than once a week, as no matter how best the results might be, the fact remains that it is loaded with chemicals!

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7)    The Serum is the only Product I use for Shiny Hair

I am totally in love with this little handy fluid. There are may be hundreds of options when it comes to serums but this one by Avon is my favorite. All I do is apply the serum (just a few drops) on my hair from root to tip when my hair is still wet. The result is the smoothest and the softest hair imaginable. (Please note that it is a personal preference and not a paid review).


Looking for the best tip for growth? Onion juice is proven best remedy for the purpose. Read more about it here.


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      Yes coloring our hair makes them even more fragile. Try to handle them as carefully as possible.
      Also, try to use all-natural colors on hair.

    1. I am glad it helped you 🙂
      We are often guilty of taking less care of our hair when trying to cop up with the hectic daily routine. But I’ve learnt that keeping just a few simple tips in mind goes a long way when it comes to healthy shiny beautiful hair.

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