Is Short Height Really Holding You Back?

Is Short Height Really Holding You Back- AimzFolio

Tuning to different frequencies, suddenly I switched to the fashion channel. What I watched, were the models cat walking on the ramp. They looked fabulously stunning.

Not only they were smart but tall and confident and  …..

O My God!!!

Highly appealing. 😀 😀 😀

Their confidence was extra-ordinary, seeing to them my eyes widely broadened. Like ever common being, I felt myself somewhere among them.

Considering myself on their place, I questioned myself… Do I look pretty being short statured?? Do I look confident??? Do I wear the same branded sort of cloths?? Can I walk through high heels without fear of falling down?? Can I carry myself appealingly?? Would I meet audience’s eye??…


I didn’t let down…

My mind remained under these confusing questions and I despite letting myself down, tried to answer them.

On a formal occasion, I did some natural-touch-up, wore my favorite dress, (low) heels and started walking slightly similar and put a confident smile, and believe me, it really worked. Yey!!!

Being short of height, I was not bothered by my questions anymore and was able to communicate people’s eyes on me. People praised my gesture and little girls loved my style.

O wow…!!

“I have chosen style of my own,” listening to this amused me. “People who used to make fun and jokes of my natural physique, are praising me now“.

I found confidence as an inner jewel, which needs to be glittered through your gesture, the way you smile, the way you speak, the way you believe … and every aspect.

My height did not let any mocking remarks to settle in presence of my confidence and self-belief. I started boosting myself for different styles, complimenting my personality rather than to curse the short comings.

short people maintain a great perspective on life because we are always looking up-AimzFolio
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Admiration in short heights!!

The world where we admire people of different marvels, just do not walk through the same ramp. Not all of them possess a prominent height. They neither have been passionate of watching the celebrities, or sports’ persons or politicians and adapting them all the time. What they adopt is the courage, motivation and the fighting spirit against the fears and critics. Within their domains, they work painstakingly throughout.

We have seen different actresses like Ayesha Omar, Jaweria Saud, Saadia Imam, Mehreen Raheel, Rani , Govinda, Amir Khan and many other national and international celebrities, who have excelled in the industry without the course of short stature.


You are important to YOU!!

Heels do give a support to an extent, to let you enjoy your span. But make sure, more than anything … you need to think of heightening up through your skills, it does not mean to stay cursing something you have not got. But it simply means to transform your frustration onto achievement…

Yes off course! Why not think this way…

Making amendments in life for the betterment, are fruitful.

You do not always need to follow other’s example.

Be your own trend-setter.

Be there as example of a short person with raised skills.

Break your barriers and let yourself know a different YOU!!!

I am not short I am just concentrated awesome-Aimzfolio
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