Sadaf F.K.’s Inspirational Story; How to Make a Decent Living from the Couch

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Sadaf F. K. is a Brand and Blog Designer with a refined sense of style. Her designs and clicks left me totally awestruck (You have got to check them here)! Her designs made words like elegance, classy and stylish look insignificant.

Sadaf stands as a perfect example that we don’t have to go through the hassles of setting up an office and registering the company to get our dreams in 21st century. Turning them into reality takes dedication, will power, perseverance with a laptop and internet connection, of course 😉

After her interview, I had to stop myself from writing every word in quotation marks! She is filled with inspiration and big ideas that we can definitely take advantage of. I can bet that the fear of starting up your own business would be completely eliminated after reading the complete interview.


Tell us about what you do?

I run a web space/studio named Design Bliss Feast on the mission is to help Creative Bloggers with their Visual Identity and Blogging Struggles. Oh, and I never mind to bake something sweet to virtually pass on to them. 😉


How can one fight the fear when starting a new business?

Taking the leap to start something that you’re passionate about shouldn’t be afraid-able. Just do it, start from where you are today. Nobody has ever succeeded overnight nor ever will! You have to prepare yourself to put your expertise, sweat, time and hard work in it and I bet you’ll do it without a single complaint if that is what you’ve sat yourself to do at the first place.

Have your goals ready, dig in and just START.”

have your goals ready, dig in and just start! Sadaf F. K. -Aimzfolio

What is success to you? How can one be equally great?

For me, success is a self-satisfaction that comes from two ways, your determination + your action. If you work hard, learn from your failures along the way and are determined to reach your desired goals, that is your success right there!

I guess the only shortcut to success is to became happy with the result of whatever you do, accept the reality and embrace the imperfection.


What’s your driving force?

I must admit, I love what I do but there always come the days when my fuel is all dry and I’m lacking motivation to keep going on. In this situation, “passion” is what drives me to start again. My love for baking (and cooking I must not forget this), photography and design is my driving force. I’m sort of multi quest person, so, I bounce back afoot to spark passion in myself. Like when I’m not feeling like doing design project or big brainstorming, I mostly find comfort in kitchen baking family favorite brownies or heavily frosted cake.


Tell us what makes Design Bliss Feast stand out?

I firmly believe in specialty and individuality of every business. Because there’s a unique mind working behind it in generating ideas, developing content and building strategies. Having said that, DBF is no different. My sole purpose is to provide value and build trust. I offer streamlined, simple and easy to memorable brand design that truly reflects client’s objectives. I also have a newsletter tribe for bloggers, where I offer freebies and resources to help them get going in their blogging journey.


How do you generate new ideas?

It varies. Sometimes there’s surrounding that impact in coming up with something as little as social media posts. Other times article/book reading or Facebook groups help to come up with some bigger plan to action up. I keep a blog/biz journal to capture all those ideas and list them according to their priority e.g. how much time it will take to implement, what are the outlines, etc.


Where does money stand in your list of inspirations?

For me, value comes first and then money. If you love what you do and do it best, money will follow.

 Numbers doesn’t define your position. I repeat, number has nothing to do with what you do.

Quality does, offering value does, building trust does, understanding your customer does.”

And if your focus is stuck at those points, the REAL numbers will automatically generate.


Any thoughts about the future of Design Bliss Feast.

In future, I see DBF as creative space to showcase my skills/work and share with others what I have to offer. As of now, I am taking baby steps and learning along the way + working on rebranding the whole space because when I started I had no idea how much it will evolve in its mission in 10 months. Design services will be the same; a big step however will be the introduction of design packages this summer. I have got so much more exciting stuffs to share with blog community and I’m thrilled for what coming days ahead holds for DBF.


What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to experience and learn as much as I can. Understand the beauty and hassle of running a service based business *chuckle* and travel to countries I wish to. InshaAllah.


Lastly, what advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

“Work only on cultivating something that you’ve got your passion on. Anything you force yourself to do just to earn money you will never be that successful as you deserve to be.”

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Open yourself for opportunities that come your way. Your first month will be like you’re dealing with just yourself but eventually when you expand, you’ll see changes and lessons on every phase you’ll go through.

Last but certainly not least, remember that “There’s no better way to learn than failing and then failing again, trying and keep trying on.”


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    1. Our only aim is to inspire people to action! Sadaf is truly an inspiration for all those girls who wanna stay home and still make a living like everyone else 🙂

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