Saad Saleem (A Story from Trash to Cash)


Father died in hands the same day of he had his Intermediate exam, opened eyes in a one bedroom apartment, rejected for jobs 89 times and couldn’t achieved the dream of Cambridge education because of financial weakness. Despite that now owns and successfully running Pakistan’s First International Standard Free & Affordable O/A Level Schooling System, founded multiple Software Houses, managing International Clothing Brand and known as the International Speaker and Mainstream Trainer.


Saad started his life’s journey from a lower middle class era by living in a one bedroom apartment where his parents were struggling to provide food & education to their children.

It was good day as Saad was well prepared for his mathematics exam of Intermediate and It was just 6 hours away, but suddenly Saad’s father shouted his name in pain, he rushed towards his father who was counting his last breaths  “Never Let Me Down and Take Care of Everyone” said by Saad’s father and he died in his hands.

“I was in a state of shock but the moment changed my entire life as I lost the most precious part of my life (MY FATHER) and I had the mathematics exam of intermediate the same day my father died. I still remember my exam sheet was all wet with my tears because right after exam I had to attend my father’s funeral.” Saad said;


A boy who is in first year of college now left home to find job to earn for himself & his family. Some said no experience, some said quite young and some said no degree, finally ended up empty hands. Instead of losing hope Saad thought there’s got to be a way out and he started visiting his cousins house as he had computer with internet. Saad Started watching youtube videos to learn basic programming, web designing and made a number of friends & connections via chat rooms all around the World.


“I used the same sources for small personal loans and knowledge to get abroad visa for higher education, and flew to Canada” Saad said. Got enrolled in small certification courses instead of degree program because of lack of funds and Saad never found himself made for learning one skill for a continues 4 years period. The time wasn’t easy as to survive I Cleaned Washrooms, Mopping, Car Wash and many other odd jobs to earn living . Meanwhile, with the knowledge gained from youtube videos applied in an IT company in North America and got the job.


There was a time when I did not have $3 to ride a bus” Saad said;


After studying Sales & Marketing, Advance Communication, Computer Engineering (All Certifications) and with savings Saad came back to Pakistan after 5 years and started ventures such as founding GOL Technologies, Galaxy Of Leaders (Event Management & Training Company) Fashion Network (Clothing Brand in North America) and Techtrix. With this short term gained success people started seeing Saad as an Inspiration as he just not turns his incidents into messages but also Inspires people with the importance of prayer specially FAJR and tries to make them closer to Almighty.


Now he is known as the Mainstream Trainer & International Speaker as he delivered over 160 trainings & career enhancement sessions in Institutions and corporate and has the fan following of 150,000+ on social media. Also, Saad received a number of awards on corporate, educational and commercial level.


“His awards also include High Achievement Award from Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand and Young Entrepreneur Award from Commissioner Karachi”


Don’t forget the failed dream of getting Cambridge education. Saad has taken a positive revenge by opening a revolutionary Pakistan’s First International Standard Free & Affordable O/A Level Schooling System (Without Donations).


Success Comes From Experience & Experience Comes From Bad Experience” Quoted;

People said It’s impossible to start such project but I always knew the words of Jinnah; I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take the decision and make it right” Saad said.


Now Saad Saleem is an inspiration of hundreds and thousands all across the World and the pride of Pakistan. #SaadTalks is one of the highest trending hashtag from Pakistan in 2015/2016 as people take his talks as the source of motivation & guidance.


His slogan changing-lives-growing-businesses-are-my-core-missions

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  1. Hatts off this man of inspiration… ppl who grow from street to sky (peak), really have a detailed story of hardships n rejections.
    ppl like us, who work comfortably from home, must learn to put cent percent of dedication from Saad SALEEM n others like him…

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