Reenergize all your Relationships

Reenergize all your Relationships

Experts are of the opinion that the stronger the technology gets; weaker our relationships are getting.

World might have become a “global village”; but it has resulted in “social isolation” of most of us.

In the urge of getting connected more online, most of us have lost the true worth of relationships.


The true relationships do not last for a week or even for a year; they are meant to last as long as we breathe. Regardless of the distance between the individuals and the time between their interactions; those who care have always got the best to offer to their mates.

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How does the technology make our relationships less stronger?


I believe that half the problem is solved once we realize the root cause of it.

  • Living in an age of pace has made us less And by that, I simply mean what it says: we want fast results.
  • As Google provides us answer to our most intriguing curies, more of us have started using less brain of ours. We rely more on artificial intelligence than we do on human intelligence.

I didn’t believe in the above mentioned reasons first time I read about them. But trust me; analyzing closely our everyday tech-dependent life, has made me believer more in the aforementioned points.

Sadly, many of us, although unconsciously, are implementing the rules of pace and artificial intelligence in our lives, too. The results have greatly affected our day to day relationships; be it with our parent, siblings, spouses, friends or colleagues.


Now that we know the reasons let’s have a look at simple yet powerful tips to strengthen our relationships before setting foot to even more tech-dependent year, 2016.


Realizing what is True Love


Being born to a family or living together doesn’t necessarily depict true love. If we truly love our parents or spouse, we must give most value to their emotions.

Deep inside our heart we may value the relation much, but if we never show that through our actions, how would we ever make things right?

Giving respect is the first step in receiving it

Telling them that we love them is a good start, presenting a gift to the parents (or the loved ones) can definitely be the right next step. But what really matters at the end of the day is how much respect we are willing to give them.

Being tolerant can make world of differences

Listening more towards their ideas and trying to come up to their expectations are the only ways we can truly show our love.

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Let it go if they are wrong

We love them anyway, right? So, even if we hold exactly the opposite opinion, just being quiet for the sake of a healthy relationship can be our best shot.

Striving outside of our comfort zone

When we are truly committed to winning something, we do try everything possible. (Try out our basic rules of winning in this article).

If we just apply the same rule of winning towards winning the heart of our loved ones, we will be much more happy with our lives. Three simple steps can be: being ready to do more, expecting less and letting go of our comfort zones.


Understanding the Point of View


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It is nice to hold a view point and politely make someone else to understand it.

Similarly, understanding other people’s view point holds equal importance.

Often, we listen only to answer. Listening respectfully, and mostly to understand their view point can go a long way in resolving many family issues.

It happens so often that each of us is right. So, what’s the take away? For such a situation, being right doesn’t make us right, being more sensible in resolving the disputes does.

“The two of the hardest decisions you would ever make in life are: to speak at the right time and to be quiet at the wrong one” – Unaiza Khalid


Never judge


We all make mistakes each and every day. And forgive ourselves altogether. Keeping the same attitude for others is hard but it guarantees our own peace of mind. Instead of judging a person for his actions, we can simply ask for their explanations or just don’t think about it at all. Well, it won’t hurt anyway if we just stop bothering, would it?

It’s really hard to stop our mind from analyzing other’s situations, agreed! However, I bet concentrating in our own mistakes and trying to make things right from our side will help better our relationships much more than we can ever imagine.

The topic is vast and needs much more attention, so we have covered an entire post on the topic. Feel free to check it out.


Be there to solve the disputes


If the relationships really matter a lot, then we have to stop being a boss all the time. Dictating our terms and disrespecting others’ will only make us standing alone in the end.

One simple step of solving the dispute is taught by my mother. What she says is:

“Be quiet when someone is angry, even if you are 100% right. You may put your point once the sentiments calm down. Because when angry, humans lose their ability to accept others’ point and speaking at that time would trigger more disputes”.


Be selective in your battles.<br /> Sometimes, the peace is better than being right.relationships-quote
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Entrust matters to time


Sometimes an argument only makes our relationships weaker. We cannot simply convince a person for the right thing. So, entrusting such matters to time is the best shot. Quietly listen to what the other person has to say and wait for the right moment to come. Once you do find certain situation where the other person has a live example or may be an experience, you can easily convince him.

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Enjoy More


You won’t believe how much cracking out some jokes that the entire family enjoy or simply spending more time together has helped me in bettering my relationships.

By spending more time together, I am not suggesting you to work less; no! I am a true believer of working hard with all of our capacity. We just need to give all our free time to the family, instead of networking with people who matter less at the end of the end.


Keep Practicing


Keep striving bit by bit to get the relations more smooth and less complicated every single day. It does take more time than we think to learn to be patient and listen to what the other has to say. And it takes even more time for our relatives to realize that we are making changes in our attitude to strive for bettering the relationships.

At the end, I would really encourage to let go of the relations that are only causing pain and suffering at both sides, which have become more of a burden. We think that it’s impossible to live without them, trying some simple steps will prove that the statement is wrong! Read this article to learn how to let go of things that are causing us hardships!

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8 thoughts on “Reenergize all your Relationships

  1. I found myself getting stuck in the “Realizing What True Love Is” section. All of these are spot on. I especially love the “Let It Go If They Are Wrong”. You can mess up some of the best things in life by holding on to things that need to be let go of, including arguments, or when someone is wrong.

    1. Hey KD,
      We are all guilty of handling the relationships the wrong way, but at the end experiences always matter more!
      We just need to show more instead of just claiming that we love someone!

  2. Wow. I find it so true. Just because we are born into a family doesn’t mean that love just exists. Love is built on trust, forgiveness, understanding, and so much more. And the thing is, is that all these things take a long time to form. Especially within a family. Thank you for retouching this topic. It may be the first for you. But I’ve seen a few other posts too directing in this topic of being intentional & genuine in your pursuit to loving others.

    1. Thanks Dora Moua for stopping by.
      I have seen a lot of people claiming that they truly love someone, but when it comes to giving respect, trust or understanding a situation, they always fail to do so!

  3. Listening with the intent to understand and not reply is something so many of us (myself included) have to work on. My husband and I recently read the book 5 Love Languages and it really helped me understand him more. I really enjoyed this post, its full of great tips and advice. Side note about technology I agree that it is probably one of the biggest walls that separates real human connections to the ones you love.

    1. Thanks Jeanette for stopping by 🙂
      True we are all guilty of doing that, but I think we can never have healthy relationships if we are not willing to let go of this habits!
      I hope the post help you in bettering the relationships 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! It has taken me a few years, but I never knew what love is growing up because it wasn’t something my parents shared. So I had to teach myself. But now with the ever growing technology that has also impeded things. I just love your article and all of the useful information you share for making love a goal in 2016.

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