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Real VS Fake Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

There are a lot of sellers online and in the real world who are selling fake makeup. While some openly declare they are selling copies of an original product, many don’t have the guts to tell you that they are selling fake makeup. The products look so similar that it’s so hard to tell whether it’s real or it’s fake. I recently came across a shopkeeper who was selling fake makeup but would not admit that. So, in order to test his makeup, I bought a Kat Von D liquid lipstick from him. Why I got it? I already had the original one and was up for a comparison. So, I decided to do a real vs fake Kat Von D liquid lipstick post for all you guys so that you never get bluffed by these fake sellers out there.


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Real VS Fake – Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

Here are a few tips exercised on real and fake Kat Von D liquid lipstick to give you an idea of the factors you need to keep in mind when buying yourself a lipstick. Just keep this little checklist at the back of your mind and I’m pretty sure you’ll save yourself from spending extra money on a fake product.


Research Beforehand

I know a lot of the times we buy on impulse. We are not actually there to buy something but we end up getting it. But if you wish to be crucial about real and fake beauty products you need to research well before you dig for the product in a store.

This Kat Von D liquid lipstick costs around a 100 SAR. You can’t just go out and spend all that money on a fake product.

If you go out on the internet and look up for the product you wish to buy. You’ll be looking for the following features:

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#1 The Packaging

The first thing is the packaging. If you are buying a well-known brand the packaging will never disappoint you in terms of clear font and printing. The fake ones, on the other hand, usually have poor quality packaging. Their print quality is bad. They might even have spelling mistakes.

Real: The real Kat Von D liquid lipstick came in black and silver Anastasia Beverly Hills packaging.

Fake: The fake one simply came with no packaging. (funny – it was winking to me that it’s fake)


#2 The Price

You can always try to bargain. The fake ones will mostly lead the owners to lower the prices. If they are already low in price, you already have your answer.

You might be bluffed by online sellers who are putting up pictures of original product but then selling you fake ones for the price of originals. You might have to test an online retailer before you start buying in bulks.

The price might not be the major factor which you can determine but then again there are scenarios where it does come handy knowing the original price.

Real: The real Kat Von D liquid lipstick cost me 95 SAR.

Fake: The fake one was some outrageous price which after a bargain, I got in 20 SAR.


#3 The Writing on the Product

Brands are conscious of their branding. They won’t just put a name on their product that fades away or can be scratched off with a fingernail. Also, the writing will be crisp and sharp.

Real: The name of the lipstick and the company, even the other information on the product’s holder was crisp and clear. It was very readable. The container around the name is narrower in length.

 Fake: Murky writing that made the alphabets and words blur into each other. It was hardly readable. The rectangular box outline around the name of the product was thicker.


#4 Brand Name & Logo

The brand name and logo should be very clear and coherent. You can easily compare the logos of the fake products by Googling a picture of the original ones while you are shopping.

Real: Crystal clear and coherent brand name.

Fake: The brand logo copy is usually not that clear, blurs or fades.


#5 The Lids/Containers

Kat Von D lipsticks come in a beautiful packing and a seamlessly beautiful container. The beauty is not just the design but the detail with which it is carved into the container.

Real: The real lid fits just as it should completely covering the lower part of the container. The design on the original one was sharp in print.

Fake: The lid remained slightly opened even after closing it to the maximum. Murky, low-quality silver print design on the lid.


#6 The Applicator

There is always some clue on the applicator. That could be a difference of quality, size, or the consistency of the product.

Real: Thick, even consistency with a thin applicator.

Fake: Very light consistency of the product and a thick applicator.


#7 Weight

There is almost always a difference of the weight. Although it’s hard to cater to that in lipsticks. It still might help in other product comparisons like foundations, primers, serums and all.

Real: Heavier in weight.

Fake: Light in weight.


#8 Swatch Test on Hand

So, if you have already bought one and are now worried whether it’s original or fake or whether it will harm your lips, do a swatch test. Swatch them on your hand before applying them to your lips. Use a makeup remover wipe to further test how the product comes off.

Real: The real Kat Von D liquid lipstick was:

  • hydrating
  • had smooth consistency
  • swatch dries into the same color as when applying
  • took at least 5 minutes to dry
  • wipes off quite easily without leaving any tint behind

Fake: The fake Kat Von D liquid lipstick was:

  • very drying
  • coarse consistency (even had bubbles) also cracks up on drying
  • turns grayish when dries
  • took no time to dry, was almost instantaneous
  • took quite some effort to wipe off and leaves some tint behind

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So that’s about it for the real vs fake Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. One last thing before you leave, if you are like me and do a lot of makeup shopping online, do check out for the authenticity of the seller. Don’t go on ordering if you see there aren’t enough reviews on the website or the page. Also, if you are pre-ordering, do ask the seller to show you the receipt once the order arrives for him. If he is an authentic one, he will definitely show you the receipt. Lastly, if you really wish to buy from a seller and you can’t really decide on his authenticity, ask for the image of the product.


Check out the Kat Von D review on my YouTube channel.


In a Nutshell

Real VS Fake: Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 2 || AimzFolio

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