Single Quote that Revolutionized My Personality

Single quote that revolutionized my personality


This post is the second one of my personality grooming series.

The series is meant for aiming a certain aspect of our personality each month and bring the polished self out.


It happens so often that while we are much engaged and absorbed in achieving a particular goal; we neglect certain important personality aspects of ours’.

Like as: during my Bachelor’s days, I completely neglected how important it was for me to be an organized person. I was completely occupied by assignments, presentations, examinations and friends that I somehow lost my organized self. I would sleep late after completing the work. Moreover, I started loosing my slender figure too due to lack of movement.


In order to get back on track, the change is never possible overnight. We have to strive to get our own personality back. Reminding ourselves of the practices and repeating them over and over again makes it a habit.


So, what was the practice for my last month?


Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” – Lisa M. Haye


I enjoy my humble self. Plus, the moment I realize an air of pride in a person, my interest in the conversation fades. It is very unlikely that I would pursue another conversation with that person.


The problem?

So, why I badly needed to follow the above quote?


Well, somehow, I mixed being modest with being negative about myself. What I mean by that is I started talking ill about myself, having the impression in the mind that I am simply being modest. This led to me actually believing that I am not good enough. And bit by bit it made me away from self realization. All in all, it was most painful to have negative ideas about my own self.


I would waste tons of my precious time just because I had the mindset that I cannot achieve things!


There is nothing worse than the lost time!

If we are confident in ourselves, we can easily come up with alternatives (if failing in the attempts of achieving a goal). But if unconfident, we are sure to spend more time on trivial things. We are also likely to waste time worrying and crying over the hard luck! Self realization thus, is the key to get results. [Learn how to let go! and make room for something better to come along…]


The Cure?

How I cured the negativity of personality realization?


Once I knew where the problem lied, I started rephrasing how I talked about myself; be it in public or private.


Take a simple example, if I had to say “I don’t know it” instead I would say: “I am new to all of this”.


Do you see how a small difference in expressing the same idea can help have a better relationship with ourselves? The above sentence lifts our spirit that with time we will be able to learn and be better.

Pen down your best qualities!


Now that we are trying to have a better relationship with ourselves, we should make a list of our much appreciated qualities.

Often, we ourselves are perfectly aware of the attributes that make us stand out. Hold on to these attributes. And make it the top priority to groom those personality aspects.


Stop frowning!


Taking the head in our hands and frowning or making worried faces add to the thinking that we are not worth the challenges of life.

Take a deep breath, relax, be aware that it’s not the end of the world. Recall the similar moments in life when everything did turn out well at the end! This practice gives us the ultimate boost to keep going in the right direction.


Speaking out the fears…


Talking to a friend about the fears is the best therapy in self realization. We often keep building up the fears, when in reality they hold little to no importance. Consequently, our personality degrades gradually.

“Doubts kill more dreams than failures ever will.”

So, getting a trusted person’s opinion is better than letting fears overpower you. It helps more than we can ever imagine in having a good relationship with ourselves.


So, I guess this is it for today.

Let me know if it was of help to anyone. And also if you too have faced certain situation where talking ill about yourself took you away from you?

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