Pre Wedding Beauty Tips to Nail your Big Day

Pre Wedding Beauty Tips to Nail your Big Day

The best phase of our lives?

Pre-wedding era.


The invitations, the dresses, the accessories, the caterer, the jewelry, the … This list won’t ever end. 😀

Among the entire pre-wedding planning, naturally glowing and fresh skin is always a top priority for girls, isn’t it?

Love and marriage surely do add that extra blush to the glowing look. But, there sure are many tips to help boosting it.

Don’t we all agree that for an amazing and flawless wedding day look, the skin needs to be neither too oily nor too dry? It needs to be perfectly fresh and smooth.

There are many cosmetic and beauty products which claim to enhance the skin freshness. However, I say that home remedies and beauty tips can work wonders without causing much damage to skin and the bank account. 😉

Personally, I’ve always seen MUCH better results with my easy DIY facemasks and scrubs then those expensive ones.

We have TONs of content on DIY beauty masks and skin care. Along with these general skin glowing tips, this perfect facemask you can actually use every day for all skin problems and these masks for acne and dark circles, special pre-wedding tips which go a long way in giving that amazingly fresh look, I’m adding today special tips and tricks for a flawless wedding skin. ( I highly recommend go to all 3 links and read the tips, we do need the perfect look, don’t we? 😉 )


1.     Breath & Just Relax, your Body needs it the Most!

Looking fresh asks for us to be relaxed first. Completing the preparations ahead of time for the wedding day, gives ample time to relax and enjoy the big day. Look, this day is the special most day of your life: worries can wait!


2.     Teeth Whitening is Often Overlooked, but Here is the Catch:

Say cheese!  I think this is enough to understand what we need to do.

Teeth-whitening is a must as we will have photos taken every now and then. I get annoyed when too less people actually include it in their pre-wedding beauty regime, but I would really really recommend making certain that your teeth are more sparkling than any ordinary day. Trust me, HE won’t like it either. 😉

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3.     Do not Wash your hair

Is it surprising for you? Trust me it’s true! Do not wash hair on the wedding day. Let hair’s natural oils work, they will make the hair look shinier and healthier. Shampoo and condition the hair a night before, giving a rinse with only water in the morning or before heading to parlour.


4.     Apply Rose Water on Face

Applying rose water on the face before having the bridal makeup will make the pores close and freshen up the skin. Plus, the smell? OMG, it will make you so SO much happier! I wrote a post for 19 amazing benefits of rose water and how to make your own rose water at home, you may like to read it here.

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5.     Have you Ever Thought of Eyelash Clumps? I think you SHOULD Now!

When emotions run high, that waterproof eye makeup won’t stay long. Why? Because tears have saline in them, so when they hit the lashes they can ruin the eye makeup and mascara may start to clump. A makeup artist says:

“Bring along an eyelash comb to deplume them and a cotton swab with a bit of moisturizer on the tip to run under the eyes and remove any smeared makeup.”

So, what can be the finishing touch? “Use eye-drops, so that the eyes look bright and white in all your pictures”.

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Oh, and don’t forget to get that bridal beauty survival kit. Don’t know how to make one? I’ve got you covered, it’s super simple. Try it out here.

Alright so that’s it for today. Did you enjoy reading these top tips? Are you gonna apply them to your big day? Let me know if you have any other tip that I missed out. 🙂

Have a great wedding day!

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