Exceptionally Powerful Life Hacks to Rule your Day

Exceptionally Powerful Life Hacks to Rule your Day

Life can be harsh.

It doesn’t come with a map.

It does what it what it wishes, without even consulting!

When it’s such a big dictator, why shouldn’t we stand up and fight? Why should we listen to it? Why should we give up?

Hey, guys! I am Unaiza, a telecom grad by degree and a writer, graphic designer and web & App developer by profession.

Confused? Let me explain.

Life decided that it wouldn’t let me pursue a career I wanted. So, I told it that the only thing I wanted was to succeed & to have a purpose worth living for. The only thing I’m after is a peaceful contented heart.

I can go to any length to get my wishes. And trust me, everyone can! And everyone should!! I never mean to hurt someone else to get your wishes. Oh no, that is exactly opposite of what I do. For me, I am the queen of my own world, my own life. I simply want to take no burden whatsoever that I didn’t try. I want to have a very happy retirement life that I have done everything that was in my power in every moment that I was provided with.


I don’t mean that I would do anything. 😛 (I mean we all have our shortcomings, right?)

When Life closes a door open several by yourself!

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I loved Telecom, I still do, but that doesn’t mean I have no other interests. Everyone has multiple hobbies and interests  what I mean by opening another door is that we shouldn’t get a depressed by the closure of a single opportunity. Keep trying. Keeping a lookout so opportunities are simply trying to find another passion. By that we simply ensure that we don’t turn into a living corpse. We all are mostly stuck on the question: what else can I do? Well, the options are endless. We simply need to keep a closer look. We just need to explore more.


You know what I like about living in the 21st century? It’s not the comfort, it’s not the speed either! It’s the countless options of opportunities the technology has bestowed us with.


All we really need to do is not to give up, not to stop trying!


The First Step in not to Give Up

Make a list of people you know who didn’t shut their dreams because life was harsh. History is filled with individuals who were thought of as failures but only not giving up was their weapon. Trust me the list will prove itself to be a great motivator.


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Second step: Let it All Go!


Okay, so now that life has decided not to give you a chance to do what you wanted, you have to let go of the desire of pursuing it! Let it flow through your blood that it was never meant to be. Let it sink in. A lot of people quit their lives just because they never realized that life is more. Don’t give that heart attack to your mom and learn how to be happy without that particular dream.


Third Step: Quit Thinking


It is vital that we empty our mind in order to focus on what’s important. Just get up and START WORKING if you truly want results! Procrastinating and overthinking are the worst killers of them all. They won’t ever get you anywhere. Be active, stop all the negativity, quit planning and get to work NOW!


Fourth Step: Start Loving yourself


I was not one of those persons who took care of themselves well. I thought I would turn haughty and ignorant to other people’s feeling. Okay, so by carefully trying to love myself and not become proud at the same time, it turned out to be damn easily. You see its simple, as I love myself I won’t ever want myself to be bad (you know if I were, how would I love myself!) and by making sure of that, I didn’t turn haughty. 😀 Read the complete article here, in which I have shared all my secrets of loving and taking care of ourselves.


Fifth Step: Get your Relationships Straight


People often overlook at how much relationships effect our happiness. They actually have around 33% impact on our success and happiness; says so Shiekh Naveed, an entrepreneur who went from broke and indebted to a millionaire in merely 5 years.

There is a complete guide on how to make your relationships rock in true sense, please refer this link.


Sixth Step: Know Where your Passion Truly Lies

Never go with the crowd. Do not pick the path that is more crowded, profitable or easy. Find your own passion! I know a Youtuber / Blogger who reached the income from her past job by “planning print-ables” business in just 6 months. I mean I was shocked that such a business can even be profitable let alone having such an income from it! But well she did, and she is a now a business coach and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs firming their grounds.

So, you still think your passion isn’t profitable? Well, you just have to put your 100% to it and see the magic.


Seventh Step: Don’t Waste your Energy


Our body reacts to everything we think. There are certain chemicals released in reaction to every thought that comes to our mind. So, negative thoughts trigger our brain to release some chemicals that prolongs our negative thinking and make us even more depressed.

Do yourself a favor, and get the habit of being always happy. This simple among all life hacks if not practiced properly can surely bring down our entire personality. Have gratitude to even smallest of things in life.


Eighth Step: Gather Positivity Around you


Now that you are ready to always think positively, its vital that your surroundings are supportive. Get these on your checklist:

  1. Eliminate negative thinkers from your life. I mean if you have to befriend with them, at least limit the interactions. Once you are ready to pass your positivity to them, only then reconnect and share your wonderful thoughts & Become an influencer! 🙂
  2. On Social Media, follow the people who bring positive vibes, who are dominantly positive, whom you can look for inspiration.
  3. Talk your heart out to only those who are completely and thoroughly constructive. Whose thoughts bring up your energy level.
  4. Join groups, support systems or communities where the intention of all is the same: including life hacks for a better tomorrow.

For starting read some inspiring quotes and pin them somewhere to keep reminding yourself about the change that you intend to bring in life.

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Ninth Step: Technology is to Help not for Addiction


Use the technology wisely. I love how social media and other technological advancements have provided ease for everything. But as rightly said: “Too much of anything is bad.” Be more vigilant for the amount of time you spent on the devices everyday. There is a right time for everything. Don’t ever over indulge in anything, be it your passion even! There is an amazing article on this subject, so I would let you read it for guidance as this post has already been too long. 😀 Here is the link to it.


At the End: It’s the Journey that Counts


Keep striving. Don’t ever stop. There is no perfection in this world. Just look ahead. In order to succeed, you only have to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. That is it. If you keep on believing, the right time will definitely come.

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12 thoughts on “Exceptionally Powerful Life Hacks to Rule your Day

  1. I love this list. I’ve found that surrounding myself with positivity has been so helpful. To have like minded positive people in your corner is a blessing and helps you to fly higher!

  2. Hey Unaiza,

    Sounds like you have done a lot of work on yourself to appreciate you. The ten points you share are so relevant to us all. I could go into each point and share why I agree with you. Life is full of step backs and unexpected twists and turns. Some harsh, some exciting. If we are adaptable we manage better. Just like you said, when one door closes – look for the one that will open. There may be several available but go with the one that your fired up about.


  3. I LOVE the “let it go” and keep the positivity around you. For me, that relates to locus of control. It definitely keeps me going when it comes to work. Thank you for sharing.

    Courtney | thirty30courtney.com

    1. Hey Dylan,
      I just share what life teaches me. I haven’t seen a single person prosper in true meaning without his close relations by his side.
      So, I guess its a must! 🙂

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