Effective Action Plan to Sort Out your Passions

Effective Action Plan to Sort Out your Passions

Back in September while talking to my logo Designer for this blog, she asked for the story behind my logo.

And my answer was completely honest: “I don’t think I have one or I don’t understand what should be my STORY“; as I had no idea whatsoever about this whole graphic designing world.

She LOLed at me and said: “There’s no logo without a back story

I felt so ashamed at that moment. I literally felt like someone with ABSOLUTELY no plans. I kept thinking and thinking which lead me to writing this post. Planning out the Biggest Passion in Life!

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Well, I just don’t get it! I simply love writing; love exploring my own thoughts. And sharing my own points of views to people who think like me.

Anyways, This is what I told her when I had no idea. ‘I once learned in a blogging course, “Share Everything you Learn“. And that’s what I wanna do. I love to share ‘every teeny tiny bit of knowledge that I have.’

Fast forward today, I’m happy blogging about whatever I want to hunhhh 😉

I know, everyone says ‘find out your niche before starting a blog’.

Is it such a bad thing to have more than one thing to be passionate about?

But that made me so discouraged about my blog’s maturity in years to come.

The  preceding questions: Would it be a hit? Will I ever be successful? I know! I was over thinking but seriously…. It’s considered that as soon as you turn 20. BAM! You must have your life sorted out.


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That’s when I realized. I’m so stupid 😛 I’m only 21 right now. I’ve got a whole life ahead. Duhh


Enough blabbering! let’s just dig in and find my journey of choosing the path destined for me.

Make a list of Passions

I enlisted ALL the items that excite me the most; anything that make me happy.  (And trust me, it’s a BIG list) I’ve got a ton of things that I think; that’s my passion. I wanna carry out these to-dos all my life. I know, all of them are not my passion, still you never know 😉

Surround yourself with inspirations

Quotes, magazines, people, blogs … Literally anything and everything that I can find inspiration for my goals. I follow a lot of successful people on social media.. My G-mail is full of e-mails that are related to my niche (and YES I do read them all). Best of all I love to read inspirational stories.

Appreciate Baby Steps

Don’t try to jump ahead to success (I learnt that the hard way). Success does not come in a day or a week. Achieving your goals can take more than a week, maybe months, maybe even years. That’s the best part, because,

“You can’t build a long term future on short term thinking.” – Billy Cox 

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I’m a student so obviously I don’t have MUCH time to make huge changes. But trust me, conscious and consistent steps do work. I’m still trying to balance between the present work load and my goals.


Sarah Woehler writes

Rediscover your Recess..  finding time for yourself.. to find what you love.. take a time out maybe half an hour a day or two to have some fun apart from the hustle of everyday life.

You think you don’t have time to fulfill your dreams but you’re wrong! Everyone does. Coz these are the things that help to release stress… that can make you feel confident in yourself.


For example: I loved sketching or creating new things. It has always made me feel good about myself. I even got a Diploma in Fine Arts but then I got admission in my Bachelors Degree program (which is Mathematics) and I stopped practicing my art. I was telling myself that I’m too busy. I don’t have the time to do this stuff. I will continue to follow my dream later on when I finish my studies. That was truly the Biggest Mistake I was about to make.

Thank God, I realized it soon that I DO HAVE to keep practicing. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but little things today can make huge differences tomorrow.

Plan out your Passion

This is a no brainer. I read it everywhere to have a plan and guess what?  I DON’T KNOW HOW TO. ( I’m still working on it) But I’ll tell you what I think my plan is: I’m practicing hair styling and sketching at least twice a week. But my main focus is my studies and Weight Loss till Degree completion.

And then, hopefully(by next year) I’ve figured out which path I have to choose, I’ll join an art academy for professional lessons.

 People might say I’m thinking way ahead in the future. BUT I say they’re thinking too small 😉

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Planning your goals is very important. Remember, the key is not to be disheartened if the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan, but never the goal.

“Plan your next move coz every step contributes towards your goal”-Sukant Ratnakar


Regina says: “You’re only passionate about something in theory until you invest in it and build it”

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I agree! Just like I said in the 1st para, I get excited about a lot of things. I’m always like: I wanna do this and do that in the future. But, how will I ever figure out whether I am or I’m not unless I work it? As a blogger, there are times when a certain idea pops in my head, but it’s not connected to my niche. Lots of people advise to stick to your niche (I’m not disagreeing), but if a lot of times I’m excited about something, I would rather do it than make it a love and lost dreams 😛

Maybe once or twice, I’ll realize I don’t wanna do this anymore, and that brings me to my next point.

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Nothing goes to Waste

If you’re following a certain passion or more than one passion; after a couple of months it doesn’t feel like fun. And you think you’ve wasted so much time. Don’t stress about it. Trust Me! It’s not a waste. You must have learned something along the way.



You may realize it right now or later on. But, continuing doing something only because it has taken much of your time is in no way justified.

Reward Yourself

Write down what you achieved in a week or month. Praise yourself. Appreciate your work. Maybe just treat yourself with a night out or night in whatever.


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Always remember:

“Ignoring our passion is slow suicide.”

Ignoring Our Passion is Slow Suicide

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“Mold your career around your lifestyle and not your lifestyle around your career.”

"Mold your career around your lifestyle and not your lifestyle around your career."


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