Acne treatment! The cures I never thought exist

Acne treatment! The cures I never thought exist


I had been a sufferer of body acne as long as I can remember.

With the world  getting denser with acne treatments, there was none to help me out. I was lost, cold and confused!

The best thing about the journey was: I proved myself to be a fighter 😉 If acne were giving a hard time, I wasn’t  retreating as well.


 What didn’t work


Trust me this list of items was of little importance when it came to treating body acne for a long time:

  • Commercial chemical based products
  • Commercial herbal products
  • Anti-Acne facials
  • Million dollar medications (not a million dollars, just exaggerating :P)


They did work! Who said they didn’t?  😛 But it was always for such a short span of time that I would rather not waste my money and time on these.


What did Work! 😀


Experimenting with new products and DIYs every other day is super exciting for me!

So, without further ado, let’s find my discoveries in the acne treatment world!


Rose is not to just smell or love! There is more to it


I am a big fan of roses! Who is not? Well, apart from the beauty, its medicational usage was shocking for me.

The cure:


Take approximately 2 handfuls of rose petals in two liters of water. Put the water on the stove and let it boil. After the boil, turn down the flame and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Turn off the flame and let the water cool.

Refrigerate the freshly made rose water in a bottle (it stays fresh for about 20 days).

After taking a bath, just pore the rose water over acne affected area and that is it!

Careful not to wipe it off immediately. Consume only as much of water that covers your body, store the rest.


The good news is: we can use this acne treatment every single day without any side effects.

Rose is known for its healing powers for ages. It will take care of all the bacterial infections and more!


Olive oil is love; all the DIY remedies are possible with it


Last year I read a story of a girl who was suffering from the worst kind of acne ever. Her family doctor advised her to simply apply olive oil daily on her FACE before bed time. And wash it off in the morning.

She swears by it! All her acne were gone within a month of usage. 🙂

My Cure:


Before taking a bath, I would take a tablespoon of sugar and enough olive oil to soak it. I would then use this paste as a scrub on the affected area. Leaving for 15 minutes before washing off.


As for all the scrubs, don’t use this one more than thrice a week.


An oil for acne treatment was a bit of a shock for me in the beginning, but after much research, I was convinced that it was the best cure possible.


Trust me, although I had extremely oily skin before the treatment, but the oil still worked like a charm.


Antibacterial & Antiseptic Liquid


I was literally shocked to see the results of antiseptic liquid for acne treatment as well as the scars! But I guess acne is all about bacterial actions and the like (not a big fan of biology but pretty sure this is true).

The cure


Just taking about a tablespoon of the liquid in two liters of water, and pouring it all over my body after bath did the trick.

Careful with this one, too, to not wipe off immediately after application. Rather let it air dry.


Wrapping up


I just like to keep on interchanging each of the above acne treatment routine, so that I don’t get bored. Trust me, even if I skip the routines for weeks, the acne do not come back that easily.

They all are easy to follow and guarantee long-term results. As discussed in my previous DIY post, I would rather have a spa day out than spending time and effort on tough DIYs at home.

So, for the lovers of quick DIY, I hope these acne remedies would work just the way they did for me. 🙂


What is your acne treatment?

Don’t give up on the fight against acne! There are more acne cures in the world than we know! We just need to dig deeper to find the best suited treatment for our particular skin type, with many more factors applied.

Keep going, your acne treatment is waiting for you somewhere in the world 😉


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7 thoughts on “Acne treatment! The cures I never thought exist

      1. Thats a really nice post about acne me I have super super oily skin and I have speny toomuch money on its treatment .i have heard that olive oil darkens your skin .infact a few years back I sed to take a shower after applying olive oil and my skin changed to darker than it was.did your skin change its colour after you applied olive oil on your face?

        1. Hello Shahana.
          As for me, my skin didn’t change its color after applying olive oil. May be its different for different skin types.
          How about you try coconut oil? It has great properties to cure acne and give a glowing skin.
          Hope that helps. 🙂

          1. yes maybe different skin type have different reaction to olive oil.sure i will try coconut oil someday.thank you for your suggestion and time.all the best with your blog.keep up the good work.

          2. And one more thing I forgot to mention is ‘never to go out in sun with oil on.’ That may be the reason in skin darkening.
            Thanks for your sincere comments Shahana 🙂

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