My Weight Loss Journey – From 81 to 68 kg & still going!

my weight loss journey

I have been struggling with my weight loss since like always and it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I realized I was eating junk and not consuming any healthy calories that my body actually needed.



I’m telling you, I was never a fan of milk or any other fruits and vegetables for that matter. I just never thought I needed them in order to Live, you know. (What was I thinking?) :/



Well, my lack of activity also played a great role in my weight gain (but my diet was the most important thing)



My skin was in a terrible condition which everyone told me it happens during teenage to everyone but well, I’m 21 now.


It was after my college that I started to read about weight loss on the internet and it TOTALLY changed my perspective. Who says internet is only for watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix? 😉


I realized that what I eat is what I look like. My skin was just a reflection of my inner self.



It is since then, that I’ve been on this mission to change my skin and body the healthy way.



I had a huge success in the first year, I lost probably 17 kg (from 81 to 63 kg) WOW me!! It felt amazing There was no stopping seriously. I was committed for almost 18 months


BUT I don’t know what happened, I just stopped everything. I just wasn’t determined. I was not able to exercise continuously. I lost my focus. I’ve been struggling damn hard since. I feel week. Have lost all the confidence I had.


And I know I got all the knowledge. Trust me! when it comes to Weight loss or health I can speak without distraction. But still I just can’t get up and change myself :/



I know nobody else can change that for me, I’m responsible for this and I gotta straighten myself up.



I still make excuses like I’m a student I should be concentrating in that then will focus of weight loss later OR I’m a student and a blogger that’s more important.



At the end of day, I know I’ve wasted another day and I could’ve easily walked like half an hour.

I’m gonna continue what I’ve started

It’s February 2016 and I can’t let another year of my life goes by without achieving this goal this year. I won’t have the confidence in myself to achieve another goal that I set out for myself.



I’ve followed Stefan’s blog Project Life Mastery for a long time now and truly he’s an inspiration . His words are energizing. I Love reading his blogs, listening to his videos. He encourages me in many goals I have for myself.


100 Reasons for my Weight Loss  Goal

As an exercise, Stefan discussed in a video(How To Get Motivated RIGHT NOW), was to write all the reasons why achieving a certain goal was important to me? He asked to write down on a piece of paper 100 reasons for each goal.
So, I decided to publish these reasons for my weight loss goal through my blog so to push myself a little in this journey.


  1. to be healthy
  2. to look like the way I always wanted to
  3. to get rid of the loose skin
  4. to not have stretch marks
  5. to be more like Jennifer Anniston
  6. to feel what I never have felt before
  7. to say; “I did it on my own”
  8. to have more energy
  9. to show him what he lost
  10. to hear: “WOW! How did you lost all that?”
  11. to wear ANYTHING I like
  12. so I can take part in sports
  13. so my father feel that he invested in something worthy
  14. to wear a gown on sister’s wedding
  15. so I won’t have this goal for the year 2017
  16. so nobody can tell me that you’re weak because you’re fat 
  17. to be healthy at 50
  18. I can have that amazing glowing skin
  19. for those sexy arms
  20. so I never have to feel embarrassed about myself again
  21. so I can lose 22% of my body fat
  22. for the thigh gap
  23. so I can be more productive
  24. so people don’t tell me do this do that ( :/ )
  25. so I can look more like my mother
  26. so I can be that smart entrepreneur in the future (there’s a picture in my mind don’t worry :P)
  27. to live longer
  28. to never settle for mess than I’m capable of
  29. to ask for an athletic hubby
  30. to be an inspiration
  31. to (once) accomplish what I’ve aimed for
  32. to take pictures from any angle without worrying about the perfect one
  33. to NEVER have cholesterol or diabetes (kinda diseases)
  34. to never have to go back to unhealthy again
  35. to eat pasta forever (don’t say it’s unhealthy)
  36. to share my weight loss story on my blog
  37. to ask daddy to pay for swimming lessons
  38. If I fail, I’m a failure
  39. I’ll be unhealthy for another year if I don’t lose it now
  40. because It’s easy now than five years later
  41. to feel like Depika Padukone ( :* )
  42. to be forever attractive to my future partner
  43. So I can have more confident than I have now
  44. to make ALLAH proud that I take care of the gift He has given me
  45. to have more stamina
  46. to post my success on Diet 66
  47. to travel and not get tired
  48. to play with kids and not bounce like a basket ball 
  49. to love myself more
  50. if I don’t do this I won’t be able to do other things in life
  51. to walk into a party and get stares back
  52. to always be young
  53. to be a yogi (maybe)
  54. to be proud of something in front of my college friends
  55. to dance freely
  56. to have so many reasons fulfilled
  57. to be that girls I’ve always dreamed of 
  58. everyone judges me if I don’t do it now
  59. so people can ask me: “How did you do it? I want to lose weight as well”
  60. so aunties don’t point it out EVER!
  61. for others to tell their friends that I’m the one who did it
  62. to have sexy legs
  63. because I wanna feel skinny
  64. heart diseases and cancer :/
  65. If I don’t do it now I have lost so much money on gyms/equipment/clothes
  66. to be powerful and energetic
  67. It’ll all be worth it
  68. because I want to have adventures
  69. because I will look awesome
  70. because I’ve tried this for several years, I have to do it this year
  71. so I can have more muscles in the future
  72. so I can have more flexibility
  73. for the zero size
  74. to do hip hop abs
  75. to have before/after pictures
  76. to be at peace mentally
  77. so I can experience other things as well
  78. so I never have to regret for the rest of my life
  79. so people look up to me for advice
  80. so I don’t have to make this list next year
  81. to tick all the 100 days in my calendar
  82. to measure a perfect waist line
  83. because I know the reasons for rejections has always been my weight
  84. because I deserve it
  85. because it’s too late to make it a dream
  86. so I can take part in a 1 mile race
  87. so I can skate
  88. so I can change other’s bodies as well
  89. so I can post my successful 100 days challenge on my blog
  90. so I can ride a bike
  91. so I can have Rapunzel’s hair as well
  92. so I can swim
  93. because I want to be smart and fit and healthy at 60
  94. so I can see how I look thin 
  95. so I can achieve this goal .I’ve blabbed about it a lot
  96. so I can look in the mirror and be yay!!
  97. to do pull ups
  98. to impress people without even trying
  99. to have more balance in my life and body
  100. So I can be way more happy than I’m now!


ahhhhh!! feels so good. Some of them might sound kiddish but they’re important to me 😉

I promise myself that I would be publishing my weight loss update EVERY month on the same date (i.e. 20)

(This was an idea I got from reading his reasons to get fit and healthy. Do check out his blog and YouTube channel. He’s amazing!)

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2 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – From 81 to 68 kg & still going!

  1. It’s really easy to fall off the don’t wagon and struggle to carry on. I did really well for a time too, then I got stressed and stuck and despite knowing what I should do, I’ve still not been able to do it properly!

    1. happens to everybody. Been like that for last couple of months. Telliong myself lame excuses. But at the end of the day I’m losing my health.

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