Monthly Win Calendar #IAmAWinner

Ever wondered how some people are always energetic?

How they carry out the day with a smile?

How they are always so optimistic?

How they have the brighter side always visible?

Don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS wondered!!!

When some of my friends were always at the peak of optimism, I was cursing myself for not achieving a goal or not carrying out the most productive day… 🙁


Well, my gloominess disappeared the day I started working on the brighter side…

But how?

The answer to it is the WINNING calendar 😀

What does it do?

It has in it affirmations/quotes for every single day of the month! (pretty cool eh 😉 )


It comes with a space for me to write my wins on. 😀 😀 😀

Here is the sneak peek:


How did it cure my negativity & provide me peace?

At the end of every day, I go back and write down every single thing I did the entire day. From smallest of tasks to some huge ones (trust me they are rarely there 😉 .)

The calendar makes me smile every day AND see the silver lining…

It let’s me realize that I DID NOT waste the entire day!

Having a positive view of the current day give me energy to carry out the next day with even MORE power & optimism 😀 😀 😀

The result?

  • Everyday I sleep peacefully & wake up with new determination.
  • I’m more consistent.
  • I’m 100% more happy.
  • I’m 1000% more hopeful about future. 😉
  • My goals are achieved much more quickly! (Previously, I used to take challenges only to left them in the middle, that made me have a worst relationship with myself.)
  • The number of goals achieved per month have drastically increased. 😀
  • I’m actually EARNING MORE!
  • The negativity is no more my friend.

What are others saying about it?

Okay, enough about me, I gave the calendar to some of my friends + Facebook group members & here is what they think about it:

Nymra Niazi"I think this win journal is a good opportunity to take a look back and analyse even for 2 mins. No one wins every day, but it makes me think about my relatively small wins. Apart from that it's very rear to take time out and ponder over your own progress we are all too busy peeking into others life, curtsy social media."
MehReen ALi ShEikh"It is one of the best journal at which I look back and find my wins which encourage me more and keep me motivated for doing more although these are little wins but it is always better than nothing... and I would like to have yearly win journals for the rest of my life 😀 Thank You Unaiza Khalid for such great journal with motivational quotes which I never found anywhere else..... & the great win is i succeeded for GDP Pakistan Air Force I'll go next year IA.. 🙂 (:"
Sadaf Shahzad"I have always struggled with feeling productive and sticking to a routine, though I try to work hard and I do. The Winning Journal has really changed the way I see myself. Sometimes, we discard those little wins, that actually show considerable growth in us, all because others don't appreciate them. Now, I can look back at all my achievements yesterday, the past week, the past month and be proud of myself no matter what anyone says. I know that I am a winner 🙂 Thank you Aiman and Unaiza for showing me that."


So, ready to dive in?
Yes, its FREE 😉

Here is your complementary copy: