A Story of a Physically Challenged Yet Incredible Young Man – Moiz Shaukat

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A social worker and a youth activist, a young man himself, we have Moiz Shaukat today who despite being physically challenged never took any excuses to hinder in his way to greatness. He is still in his teens and already a youth speaker. I am thrilled to hear his story in his own words.  So, over to him. 🙂

Disabled people are considered to be the neglected part in the society as they attract more sympathies and dependencies.

I am having a rare disease and all the specialists doctors in the country have checked me but they have the same views about my condition: its incurable. But my parents still haven’t lost their hopes.

I have strong faith in Allah and I believe in Allah that I’ll too spend the rest of my life as other normal people.


What changed his life for good?

When I was in my school, it was the identity that I was given “a Disabled boy” (can’t walk properly).

During that part of life, I realized that this doesn’t sound right to me, it sounds too hopeless, it sounds too upsetting and sad.

Well, not just for me but for the person who’s addressing me, as well.

This whole circle of sadness didn’t appeal to me that much.

So, I decided to change this identity for good…

At that time, I considered myself & asked myself what do you have, what can you do?

The only thing that I had were my hands I found strength in, so it was decided: I had to use my hands.


What did he choose that changed his life?

So, deliberately I pushed myself towards reading and writing.

If you cant find your strength, CREATE ONE. quote-AimzFolio


What was his childhood like?

I never received pocket money when I was younger. I remember when I used to ask my dad and how he used to joke about me by saying, “pocket money is for those who have pockets”.

My mother usually avoids giving pocket money as in the society some boys adopt bad habits by wasting it. She didn’t give us pocket money but she always provided us with all the facilities which were needed in my life.

Well, here’s the truth…

I have a happy family…


How did he overcome fear of the society?

My entire life is a struggle to know who I truly was, now that I’ve discovered myself I am not going back. The realization liberated me, had me kick out the thoughts of  “loug kia kahain gae” (what would people say).

I simply stopped caring. I neither accepted defeat nor gave up. I am physically challenged boy and I had 2 operations of my leg & arm but none was successful. After these operations I started studying in a school and didn’t lose hope. I continued my studies further and now I’m doing O levels from Beacon House School.


Who was there to support him?

My family members supported me a lot. My mother, who has been the driving force behind my success story, says that I “always had the flair to learn and deliver”.

Many of the people around me said that I can’t do anything no need to admit him in a school but my parents supported me in every possible way & admitted in a nearby school namely Beacon House School.

The school principal Ma’am Azra Mujib supported me a lot and said “I will take care of Moiz“.

She really did take a lot of care of me & loved me loads.

Because of the respected principal I became a living example of following dreams and eventually turning them into reality.

The time flies and I was done with class 8, now the decision was made that whether to do Matriculation or O’Levels. Many people used to tell my parents that Moiz can’t do O’Levels as this class is very difficult for him.

My first cousin Omer Zahid Baig supported me and said that he can do everything, he should go for O’Levels.

The school principal too left the school and my parents were very tensed about it but it was due to my cousin’s & my family’s support that I went for O’Levels then.

I started the so called hard studies. Miss Aliya Azhar, Miss Sophia Burki, Dr Iftikhar Ul Haq, Miss Azra Mujib too loved and support me in difficult times. They helped me in every difficult circumstances. And really took care of me well!


What do people say about him?

Many say Moiz Shaukat is a shining star who has proved that disability cannot hinder achievement of goals and ambitions. He is the living example of efforts do ensure a bright future.

My mother’s words about me:

charisma was always there since the time of his birth. I have a special bonding with him not only as a mother but also of being the one to keep track of his work and engagements. As a parent, I have never stopped him from seeking him ambitions be turned into reality because I see my success in him.”

“He is not just special for his achievement. He is special in every way. Even when, he was not involved social work and whatever he is doing, he was the gem of the family, soul of the family. He is basically the one, who kept it all colorful, all going well, smile on every body’s face. Not just us, but the focal point in every gathering, wherever we went”, said Areej Shaukat Baig, sister Moiz Shaukat.


He is a great source of Inspiration!

Some of the guys asks me: “what keeps you going”. I reply it’s my parents and respected principal love & support, as I have always been poor in everything but I didn’t lose any hope in life and now I am a successful young boy. My parents and respected principal love and support really helps me to keep moving forward and I inspire you guys to Never Give Up and Be A Legend.

My message to the world is to: “Not Give Up, Be A Fighter and Be A Legend…”

I am exploring my identity to the national level to provide motivation and inspiration to students who are full of spirit but are resting in deep slumber.

Did you enjoy the ultimate inspirational story of the young man? Are you pumped up to do something great? Are you ready to change yourself and then the world? Let us know in the comment section below! 🙂

Check out his official Facebook page: Moiz Shaukat

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  1. i ‘ve read your story it’s really inspiring… from physical challenged boy to a young motivational speaker your journey was great. you’ve got success and many more to come ..
    all the best for bright future….

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