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Aimzfolio in conersation with Moin Nazim

An exceptionally creative graphic artist; Moin Nazim is a self-made entrepreneur whose love for graphics has made him the favorite graphic designer of Pakistan in a very short span of time. His art knows no bound when it comes to creativity.

During our conversation, it was clear that Moin is a man of very few but wise words. He shared with us his inspirational story of being chosen by brands like FoodPanda and Pepsi. 


A Sneak Peak into Moin Nazim’s Life:

I’m a computer science graduate; my intense love for graphics ended up choosing the field half way during the studies.

I’m currently associated with The D-spot, a digital marketing agency, and working as a freelance entrepreneur as well.


What is the source of your freelance projects?

They never come from platforms like Fiverr, UpWork or any other freelancing platforms; I get them through my Facebook page: MoiNazim graphics. I started it off as a hobby during my studying days. Apart from these regular projects, I’ve been selected by brands like Pepesi Co and Food Panda to represent their brand and influence people through my comics and graphic designs.


Being humans, we are all afraid to start something new due to failures, what is your suggestion to fight this fear?

I would suggest to play it really safely as I did; I didn’t have to spend a penny to start a page, all it took was ideas, skills, thoughts and dedication to market myself.

It’s natural to be afraid before a startup because there are risks like leaving your job; at times you won’t have money to pay the bills because all your investments are on the line, your social life come to a halt even. But that’s the essence of it: “no pain no gain”.

It’s the will that makes you hustle 24/7 if you don’t have that will to stand out then being an employee is your cup of tea.


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What is your metric to SUCCESS? 

There are certain levels to success, a person who sets up goals doesn’t call himself successful after achieving a single goal! As he is too busy jumping from goal post to goal post; he is UNSTOPPABLE!

For me, success is when people finally accept you, let them see your master piece and their reactions will make you realize where you stand. Let’s say I’ve designed something incredible in the past, people would remember me and would recall my name if a similar piece is tried by some other designer; at that point in time, you realize: “I’ve done something that blew their minds”.


Can you please share a shortcut to success?

There are no shortcuts yet, none that I know of. Every successful guy, I know of, has worked for it. Some people might use their charm and resources to get a decent job but everybody knows that doesn’t last forever. Many blame the country and it’s weak system for their failure, but that doesn’t stop the same country from producing 100’s of 1000s of entrepreneurs every year. It’s all about what willpower you have.


What’s keeps you going?

Love, respect, hatred and money.

Everyone loves to be loved and respected. I mean I get depressed pretty easily and the only thing that makes me wake up and smile the next day is the fact that I made at least a couple of faces smile through Moin Nazim Graphics, that’s a feeling I can’t explain. I believe this is something worth living for! But with great respect comes great hatred and I read somewhere “If you aren’t getting hated for being skillful you have no skills in the first place.” I love to shut people who doubt me via my designs, and I’ve actually witnessed with my own eyes people converting from haters to admirers when they couldn’t find any further words to pull me down. And last but not the least money, how I will make designs if I don’t have the money to feed my brain.

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Aimzfolio in conersation with Moin NazimEvery idea is unique in one way or the other, how is Moin Nazim Graphics different?

To some it’s just an entertainment page, to some it’s a great marketing tactic; if truth be told: they both are right and that’s the thing that makes it unique. Original comics and genuine graphics, whenever a new bunch of folks discovers the page I get messages like: “you’re incredible”, “we have never seen anything like it”, and that pretty much shows how unique and fresh the idea is.


Coming up with new and fresh ideas is a challenge, how do you accomplish that?

I’m a guy of few words, and you know what they say: those who don’t say much, observe more! I observe a lot, I will scan the print on your T-shirt and fuse it with a design on a shampoo bottle, the result is something you won’t see around. I feed my brain that’s the reason the designs that you see are always fresh and updated.

Feed your brain much if you are looking for fresh and updated content.

Where should money come in one’s struggle?

Money does make the world go round. If it wasn’t for money people would have just slept till 3pm and did nothing.

Everyone wants a home, a car and food on the table; for that you need money on your mind and in your pocket.

Time is changing and there is a huge competition for money; so:

Whoever thinks about the future first & starts hustling pronto wins.


Where do you see Moin Nazim Graphics 10 years from now?

It’s evolving so quick that I am not too sure where would it land. The projects have risen, people are much happier so I am pretty positive about it’s future.


What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted the way that you work? What was the lesson, and what was it like before and after?

Well, I used to be really arrogant. When I first started designing I was of the opinion that I was the most creative thing walking on earth but thankfully got a slap of reality real quick. I’m much more humble towards life; everyday is a blessing, so I try to live it with no pride and much thanks.

There has been no harsh lesson that life gave me, but there was this time when someone said: “You’re a fool designing posters won’t get you anywhere,” and it almost felt like a challenge, the rest is in front of the world to decide.


What is that you want from life?

I want to make a change in this world so people remember me after I die.


Lastly, please can you give a valuable advice to new comers in the entrepreneurship world?

Play it safe but play hard, no one is forcing you to leave your job, no one would tell you to stop working from 9-5 and shift to 9-9. It’s all you once you’ve taken that step to do it all the way through; and who knows you won’t even have to fall at all.


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4 thoughts on “Moin Nazim shares his secret to being selected by Pepsi & Food Panda with Aimzfolio

  1. Respect!
    Every piece of the interview is full of wisdom!
    Really, you’re quite picky about words and observant. Each thought reflects a fact with a moment in almost everyone’s life to relate with.
    Inspired! I’d been following Moin Nazim’ Graphics since almost 3 years don’t exactly remember but it’s been a long time span. His Ideas are damn unique and simply mind blowing and more than often left me with a stroke of wonder, like literally how one can do that MAN! Simply inspires !! and nothing!!
    and the last answer!
    “Play it safe but play hard, no one is forcing you to leave your job, no one would tell you to stop working from 9-5 and shift to 9-9. It’s all you once you’ve taken that step to do it all the way through; and who knows you won’t even have to fall at all.”
    made my day!! 🙂

  2. he is a humble guy.. i have seen him through his struggle and I am proud of Him… Moin its just a start for you ,,in shaa Allah you will go along way 🙂

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