Is My Phone Really Making Me Lonely ?

Is My Phone Really Making Me Lonely ?

Did you know that mobile phones are considered the most popular purchasing device today? We have become indebted to our phones from Business transactions to Water-Intake due to the facilities it has placed at our hands, making our lives more comfortable and easy.

We need our phones as soon as we wake up till the time we get in the bed. Sometimes even long we keep awake just to use a bit more of it.


There is obviously an intimate connection between mobile phones and youth.

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Back in 90s, phones were utilized for easy conversation and computers as a programming tool. Now, computers are turned into a key instrument in the research centers while the telephones turned into cell phones that have upset lots of gatherings.


According to a recent study, an average student is spending 9-10 hours using these phones and even the seniors are using these more than 11 hours a day.


We stare at them at a commercial break on TV, we stare at them when we have nothing to do, we stare at its screen when we are tensed; by far this can be a good news only for the marketing or manufacturing companies.

Cell phones have provided us with extra eyes in the form of an HD camera enabling us to see the wonders of creations to which we are blind with our naked eyes. It has given us with extra ears connecting us with distant friends and family but alas we are no longer aware of the people living next door.


Just Google it!

Humans used to memorize several contact numbers and addresses in their minds which were easily accessible anytime, anywhere… with the excessive use of mobiles now we rely more on our devices then our brain. We have apps for every single one of our problems; apps like Google can solve all of our queries that we don’t even feel the need to think, even for the easiest of tasks. We don’t even care whether the solution is correct or not. Once the internet is gone ‘pooff..’ time stops, we don’t even bother to use our mind in need. That is the worst side of stupid new generation.


People are using it as a drug to maybe lift up their mood and spending more than just they really should.


The ‘-A’ texts

The parents are obviously most concerned for their children. But alas they have no idea who is the person on the other side of the text or calls on their children’s cell phones and what is it they are sharing? Many cases have proven children being harassed or being threatened by making friends with the strangers.


Even though, cell phones are extremely handy in emergencies. They can be dangerous too.


Parents should put limitations in the total time usage of the phones. This can teach children time management and discipline; allowing them to keep the time for enjoyment and activity.


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 All work and no play make Jack a dull boy….

Moreover, frequent use of mobile phones is promoting poor academic performance, memory loss, eye infection, sleeping disorders and other health hazards. Children spending hours on cell phones in their hands texting and messaging can weaken their finger bones; long phone calls have a serious impact on their brains. The mobile phone spreads dangerous signals to our brain cells, destroying them, especially children’s.

Even the kindergarten kids have tablets or iPods in their hands, playing thousands of games like tennis, football, and cricket but getting physically unfit all the same, funny isn’t it? These sports are called outdoor sports for a good reason. Playing them outside not only makes you active but makes you healthy as well whereas playing them on mobiles will only cause dullness, sickness, and is the biggest reason for obesity.


There are even some studies showing mobile phone playing a part in causing cancer. That is serious!


            ‘Technology helps when it is a tool, not an addiction….’

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IPhone – IPod – I Pad…. who Paid???

As soon as they see an updated version of their phone with new apps and operating system; kids consider their mobile sets to be over-rated. The commercials telling you ‘a new and better version with high screen resolution and camera quality…’, That is just another product with maybe a few changes in it, it’s no more than a strategy to sell their device. Mobile vendors are making millions of dollars just by making little feature changes and sending a huge buzz, a wave of excitement through marketing.


Lack in Social Ethics

Most of all, people have lost social ethics; they have completely forgotten the etiquette of a gathering. Kids continue to chat or text in a meeting or a social gathering, which is so ill-mannered and rude. We should stop everything we are doing on the phone while talking to a real person.  Kids should be taught when and where to use their phones.

One more thing, if a person is not picking up your call just hit them a text, unless it’s an emergency. People can be busy in their life and you don’t have the right to interfere. There should be a time limit to make a call to a person. People should have some private time for themselves too. These phones should be turned off when you are with your family.


I don’t even wanna talk about using Cell phones in the toilets coz that is just SICK!

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A Word of Advice


‘Nothing is good or bad by nature in itself, it is its use that renders it so….’

 I’m no expert and I’m no exception to all the above mentioned habits. But I am trying to make a change in myself. So take it from me:

  • Use hands free like earphones or Bluetooth device while talking to someone on the phone.
  • Don’t use your phone while driving.
  • Avoid using your mobiles for long hours.
  • There should be boundaries on when and where not to use cell phones.
  • Don’t talk on the phone when it’s getting hot.
  • Children should be taught more ethics and limitations using mobile phones.
  • Leave your mobile for emergencies and go out to have some real fun.

Your phones have a purpose. Use them well!


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4 thoughts on “Is My Phone Really Making Me Lonely ?

  1. I completely understand all the concerns about cell phones and I agree with almost all of them. I will say, though, that I’m a brain cancer survivor and I see a very good neurologist twice a year. I raised the concern about cancer and cell phones with him because obviously it was something that concerned me. He assured me that there is absolutely NO causal connection between them. Cell phones do not cause cancer. I trust his knowledge of medicine and cancer.

    1. ohhhh!! but there are quite a few studies showing that the rays from the cell phone can be a harmful leading to cancer. And ofcource, like I mentioned this post is not to prove that the use of Cell phones is dangerous but the excessive usage is. I will however check with the cancer thing again. Thanks for the info 🙂

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