How to Successfully Run Business from “Kitchen” – Meet Sandal Khan who Does

Successfully run a business from home. Meet sandal khan who does!-AimzFolio

I have always been a big fan of “find an opportunity, fill it” idea. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about, isn’t it? Sandal Khan fits in this exact category.


I have seen a lot of women complaining that they cannot work from home or office because either they don’t have resources or handling house chores along with work is just not possible. Sandal Khan came up with fantastic idea about merging house chores and work together. Exciting isn’t it? A lot of women have a passion or time only for house chores, why not turn that into profitable business? Our Sandal did exactly that. She launched her own products of frozen food item. That’s something everyone’s looking for in this busy era, right?

Let me state some behind the scenes truths before we start judging her for being the most resourceful girl to start a business:

  • She DID NOT have a huge investment, she started it off with her small saving. [By the way we can also start this business, after all homemade food is really cheap.]
  • She DID face opposition, which later turned into admirers.
  • She has no financial help, her mother and she does all the work themselves (yes! packing and everything).
  • She DID NOT have to invest to get first few clients, online forums and Facebook buy and sell groups rock! 😀
  • Its been only 2 years since she started, and the business is flourishing day by day.

So, I guess we got the idea that she is a girl just like you and me. Nothing out of the ordinary, the only thing she does have is determination. 

I think I should just let her say the rest. 🙂 I am sure you will get super motivated at the end, as I did!


Q 1. Tell us a little about what you do?

I run 2 businesses from my home using social media platform. Food business by the name of SS Frozen and I am a professional Henna Artist, too.

Taking Home Cooking to Next Level-Sandal Khan Frozen Food Business - Interview with AimzFolio
Taking Home Cooking to Next Level – Sandal Khan Frozen Food Business


Professional Henna Designs by Sandal Khan - Interview with AimzFolio
Professional Henna Designs by Sandal Khan


Q 2. What makes SS Frozen and Mehendi Designs by Sandy Khan special? How is it different?

SS Frozen is all about health, hygiene and economical rates. We pay due attention on health and hygiene by using best possible ingredients and also try to keep our rates economical. I do qualitative work rather than quantitative. For my Mehendi business too, I focus on quality I don’t take many clients so that I can give attention to every minute detail.


Q 3. What motivates you to keep going?

Appreciation motivates me to keep going whenever someone tells me that you are doing a great job, it immediately lighten up my mood and I try to do even better than before to receive more appreciation and if someone criticizes me than my motivation level gets double because criticism helps me to grow it helps me to find myself lacking, my drawbacks . Both appreciation and criticism are my motivational factors.


Q 4. How often do you think about money? Do you consider money a motivating factor?

Money is a necessity. And we all are working to earn money and if we won’t receive enough money as compared to the hard work we put into our work then obviously we’ll try to do something else. Money is a motivating factor empty pockets don’t make me happy at least.


Q 5. Any thoughts about the future of ‘SS Frozen’ or ‘Mehendi Designs by Sandy Khan’?

I am working for its progress and expansion. In Sha Allah soon we’ll introduce tin pack . Working for the betterment of both my businesses.


Q 6. What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted the way that you work? What was the lesson, and what was it like before and after?

There were no such lesson which I learnt or which impacted the way I work. But yes, after starting this business I have seen a very nice change In me in terms of customer dealing, being patient , sticking to this policy ” customer is always right”. This business has groomed me a lot.


Q 7. What is your ultimate goal in life?

I don’t have an ultimate goal because once I’ll achieve a certain goal I will set another one . In my opinion life without goals is like a galaxy without stars. My current goal is to grow my both business and complete my Masters too.

Once you’ve achieved a certain goal, set another one. Life without goals is like a galaxy without stars.

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Q 8. Most people never start a business because they are afraid. So what would you advise them?

I don’t think that people are actually afraid they lack confidence because hardly few people support them. Same happened with me when I started doing my Food business, very few people supported my idea and many discouraged me by saying that you aren’t professional chef you won’t be successful, but I never paid attention to them, I trusted myself and prayed to Allah every time when I felt like quitting. Alhamdulillah now I am doing well for myself. Hard work pays off, never underestimate yourself.


Q 9. How do you define Success? Is there any shortcut to success?

For me success is making someone’s day or make someone happy. If my clients are happy with me then only I can say that I am successful. Earning money is not being successful. And no, there is no shortcut to success, a lot of hard work, determination and consistency of (Good) work is required .


Q 10. How do you generate new ideas? Especially how did you come up with the idea of ‘S.S. Frozen’?

They just pop up while observing my surroundings. SS Frozen is inspired by my mother because she never let us eat those frozen nuggets, samosay , roll, etc. available in a market. She always made them at home; healthy and hygienic. That’s how this idea clicked: if my mother isn’t satisfied with the commercial food then I am pretty sure there are other mothers too who don’t like those but due to some problems they buy them. And Alhumdulillah it worked there was a market for my product too.


Q 11. Lastly, what advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

Trust yourself and never lie to yourself . Never hesitate while doing hard work because hard work will definitely pay off. Learn from your mistakes and never give up because “where there is a will there is a way“.


So what do you guys think? Isn’t Sandal Khan so inspiring?

Find her on Facebook: SS FrozenHinna Designs

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4 thoughts on “How to Successfully Run Business from “Kitchen” – Meet Sandal Khan who Does

  1. Recently started working with Sandal and yes she is a gem in her work. Quite passionate and hard working indeed. Dealing with customers and attention to details is her best traits. Pakistan need more Entrepreneurs like her!

    1. Thanks Yousuf for stopping by. That’s true we can do with more entrepreneurs like her. I would really like her to prosper more and be a well known entrepreneur soon inshaAllah.

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