My Huge Medora Lipstick Collection + Swatches + Review

Medora Lipstick Shades with Numbers

Anyone in Pakistan must have used one or another product by Medora of London. It’s one of those few things you actually grow up with. Established way way way back in 1961, Medora, although an international label, has been Pakistan’s all time economically friendly cosmetics brand. This post is going to be the much requested Medora Lipstick Swatches Review.  Medora lipsticks are the most affordable, fine quality, long lasting lipsticks prepared in the heart of Swat. They have a good collection of very neat and classy shades. I have previously done swatch videos in my early YouTubing days but a review was still pending. So, I have this generous collection of 15-20 Medora Lipsticks and in this post I’ll be answering some of the concerns people have shown me over time regarding Medora Lipsticks.


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The Pigment

These are highly pigmented lipsticks. You’ll have to wait approximately 20 to 30 seconds for the color to set in and intensify to an opaque finish. The consistency can be improved by exfoliating and moisturizing the lips before application. To add to that Medora Lipsticks come in a variety of shades (spoiler: swatches coming soon!).


My favorite Medora Lipstick Swatches

Medora Lipstick Swatches
Medora Matte Lipstick Swatches

The lipstick shades with numbers are:

Rose Berry 264

Mystery 529

Hint of Pink 210

Purple Passion 230

Viva Glam 235

Violet 210

Gypsy Rose 222

Real Red 203

Windsor 224

Frivole 540

Crushed Rose 217

Flame 557

Blue Rose 234

Electric Pink 560

Idole 256

Tender Peach 236

Siss 231

Peach Silk 552

Dark Maroon 226

Extase 239

Dark Brown 211

Coffee 225

To swatch these lipsticks check out my YouTube video on Medora Lipstick Swatches Review.


The Price

As mentioned earlier these are the most affordable lipsticks in Pakistan. The prices sometimes vary store to store. You can find them for PKR 200 on and for even less on other online stores.


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The Quality

One of the most amazing things about these is that the lipstick can last you a day. These do not bleed on your lips and are very comfortable to wear. For best results, as mentioned earlier, take good care of the overall health of your lips. The better your lips look the better will be the result of anything you apply over them.


Do Medora Lipsticks Chap the Lips?

People have asked me whether these lipsticks are overly drying and do they chap the lips some time after application. So, let me make a statement here, whenever you are using any kind of matte lipstick make sure you apply a lip moisturizer or a lip balm before as well as after applying them. This is very necessary because stating the obvious, matte lipsticks dry your lips. It’s not just Medora but any kind of Matte Lipstick you are using.


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