Meditation and Yoga – Master in 100 Days

Meditation and Yoga Master in 100 Days

You might have heard thousands of amazing benefits of meditation and yoga but when it comes to practicing it: well it’s quite of a tough job; self-control is not the best quality of ours, is it? I’ll be honest, it never was for me. But it always kept popping up: meditation and yoga are compulsory for healthy, peaceful and a more constructive day! I finally took the plunge and came out with flying colors! Yuppy!!!

Okay so here is my struggle: for years I was trying to master meditation and Yoga poses. I took some classes and also tried books. I never could reach the level of perfection for any pose, neither my mind was as clear as they say should be during meditation. I was of the opinion that my excess body fat is the reason for unbalanced body and Yoga mastering is out of the question before losing weight.


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But then I saw these Yoga masters (please click on the link to see amazing motivational images for yourself) who were doing absolutely fantastic despite their above-average body masses. I was thrilled that if they can do it, why can’t I? I started out on the venture on my own! Having just a little knowledge about Yoga did not stop me from learning and becoming a master in merely 100 days of the challenge!

Some of the amazing benefits that I’ve personally experienced through Yoga are:

  • A perfect mindful start of the day.
  • Stretching involved in each pose reduced my back ache problem.
  • It improves blood circulation through body. I was shocked to see my headache going away. Let me tell you that I am a sufferer of severe headaches for years, mostly due to anxiety and overthinking.
  • I can practice even when travelling. Other forms of exercises are not always possible.

Here is a copy of easy to use worksheet. You can either take printout or edit as PDF (I made it super easy for you!)

Enough talk, let’s dig into simple 3 steps. For people like me who are short on time and cannot join a Yoga master class, these steps are definitely helpful.

Step#1 Meditation and Yoga for Beginners

Okay we all have a first time of doing anything. Did I know how to write at the age of 2? Probably not. So, consider yourself a toddler in the meditation world. You need to learn the ABCs of it. You got to have a solid foundation in order to build a well-balanced life ahead.

After searching for hundreds of tutorials on internet, I finally got the perfect one that explains each and every step clearly. Sitting, standing and lying poses: all are well defined with proper instructions for inhaling and exhaling.  [It’s not a paid review, it’s my completely personal choice and finding!]


Keep on practicing this step for 30 days and you will be a gold medalist in elementary school of meditation and yoga master. 😛

Note: If for some reason you cannot practice it for a day, don’t quit! Don’t worry! We all have imperfect days. Continue from the next day on the worksheet. (For example if you skipped day 45, then the following day would be your day 45 not 46).

Step#2 Meditation and Yoga for Intermediate Level

Now that you have surpassed the basic level, it’s time to try something more advanced. Nobody is perfect. Remember the over-weight people we saw above? If they can surpass it, what’s stopping us? Again, I had a hard time finding perfect tutorial for this level. But I got landed with two amazing ones that actually made me super relaxed and refreshed! The top thing I look for in a Yoga tutorial is how the instructions are given rather than how well the yogi is practicing it. And the following ones have by far been with most clear instructions & calming and soothing poses.


Practice each of these tutorials 20 days or just keep alternating for next 40 days!

Step#3 Meditation and Yoga Master: The Pro Level

OMG you have made it to 70 days of mindfulness practice! 😀 By now, the inner peace must have started to incorporate in your daily routine.

Now, the meditation world is yours to conquer, try out different classes, books or tutorials for next 30 days and also throughout lifetime.

Here is one that I simply adore with best instructions and music, and of course practice, too!

Let me know about your favorite tutorials that I can practice at home in the comments section below! If you are facing any difficulty, feel free to contact me, I’ll be more then happy to help you out in any way possible.

Have a great peaceful day ahead!

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    1. Melanie you’ll definitely love the journey! Its super easy once you try to love the benefits that come hand in hand with the daily practice 🙂 Best of luck 😀

  1. I’ve really wanted to get serious about Yoga for some time. I just could never seem to connect my mental to my physical. Definitely going to try meditation as well!

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