Mascara Salon and Spa Review || Bloggers Meetup in Pakistan

Mascara Salon and Spa

Today I just wanted to sit down and talk about a spa date. Basically, I was invited by Mascara Salon and Spa along with some other bloggers, to try out their services.




The first service that they offered was Mani-Pedi. They have three Meni Pedi Options: Regular, Organic and Coffee. Most of the bloggers went for the Organic one, So I thought I would try the Coffee (we all love the smell donā€™t we? šŸ˜‰ )

P.S. To Actually show you guys the results, I did not take care of my feet for an entire week.

Let me just say, their Mani Pedi Treatment was AH-MAZING. I have never ever ever ever ever, experienced such attention to details, in SaudiaĀ or in Pakistan. The massage alone took like 15 minutes, the pressure was just perfect.

BTW, I was actually sleeping half of the time.

Mascara Salon and Spa pedicure

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The products they used, specially in organic mani pedi wereĀ all homemade by the owner Sila herself. Even the coffee scrub they used on me was homemade, quite impressing.





The second treatment was the Multi-Masking Facial that was sponsored by Bruno Vassari.

A lil introduction about the brand: Bruno Vassari is a well-known Spanish Skincare Brand. Found in 1984, by a group of professionals from around the world.

Best thing I liked about the brand was they had no Cosmetic Scent and they were customizable to literally every skin type.


(If you happen to visit the salon do ask for Saba to do your Facial) Saba used the following products on my skin;

  • Bio Balance Duo to remove Makeup and Dirt
  • Aqua Genomics Self Moisturizing Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid for Hydration and Deep Cleansing
  • Aqua Genomics Toner to Balance Skinā€™s PH level to provide maximum hydration to the skin
  • Charcoal Mask on the areas that are affected by Acne and Hydro intensive Mask on the rest of the areas for Lifting and Tightening skin.

(Excuse my biasedness with this review, ) but this was the best facial I have ever had. The lady was very gentle, she applied just enough pressure even when exfoliating. Because sometimes with pimples, exfoliations or even massages can be harsh.

FACIAL RATE: PKR. 2000 (rates may vary according to your skin type)


They also offered a Hair Treatment, but due to shortage of time I did not avail this service. So Iā€™m not able to review it.


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Let’s talkĀ about the environment. I hate it when I see unclean spa rooms or salons or clinics but loved the fact that Mascara Salonā€™s staff took care of the hygiene very nicely. The Spa room had the perfect lighting to soothe a mind, meditating music in the background, relaxing chairs they were completely prepared to put us to sleep.


The Staff was very humble and took attention to every little detail. The salon wasnā€™t closed that day so I saw that they were very nice with their clients too (and the humbleness was not for bloggers only). They were not only doing their job but educating us about the products and service as well.


Ohh and I completely forgot, I also had a 10-15 minutes skin consultation with the Skin Specialist. And then they recommended me some products targeted to my needs.

bruno vassari in pakistan

Lastly, I would like to thank so much Mascara Salon and Spa for inviting me and such an amazing service. I would definitely be visiting again soon.


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Do let me know if you have ever visited the Mascara Salon and how was your experience? OR are you planning to visit in the near future?

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Will see you in my next blog post! Take Care and Love the skin you have !

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