3 Steps to A Powerful Brand Identity

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If you look at large corporations – such as Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonald’s and Nike – you’ll realize that they have one thing in common; other than turning huge profits with each passing year – they all are an easily recognizable, world-famous brand. A well-recognized brand is also a clear sign that your business has managed to reach success – if your brand logo is turning many heads, it is more than likely that you have achieved your dream.


A Brand’s Purpose

The popular opinion that the goal of branding is winning the customers over, from the competition, couldn’t be further from the truth. While being a brand certainly helps in piling up your customers, and even having some of them choose you on account of your strong brand, a brand’s purpose is to get the message out there – that the sole provider of the product or service people need is you.

With a proper face for your company, you will be able to deliver your message clearly – branding is actually a means of communication with your customers. A well-designed brand will help you deliver a clear message to your consumers, without having to resort to expensive advertising.

Bear in mind, however, that branding doesn’t necessarily play well with your business credibility. What branding actually does is it boosts your company name, regardless of the quality of your products. What this means is that, if your products and services are unsatisfactory, the word will spread. But, if your customers are satisfied with what you’re offering, your popularity will grow!


Brand Identity

In order to properly establish a strong brand, you need to realize what brand identity means. Brand identity consists of (by definition) all the visible elements of a brand, such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol, etc. that identify together and help distinguish the customer’s mental perception of your brand.

Every borderline professional brand focuses on its logo, colours, design and commercial printing, such as merchandise, banners, pens and even T-shirts.

By making your brand visible and frequently seen, you are reminding the world of your existence – advertising is recommended, but building proper brand identity is a freebie, which will do you a world of good.


Making the Brand Identification Work for You

Put yourself in customer’s shoes for a bit – surely there are brands that you prefer to others in the same industry. For example, you might be an Android man through-and-through – no matter how good a standpoint an iOS fan might make, chances are that you’re still going to stick with Android-based phones.

This is how people see your very own brand – a loyalty bond is formed that is somewhat tough to break.

However, in order to bring out the loyalty in your customers, you need to connect with them. No customer is going to feel strongly about your company, unless you are trustworthy and provide reliable products or services.

Creating bonds with your customers is extremely efficient if you are a multi-product and multi-service company. For the sake of the argument, let’s say that you are a company which specializes in electronic equipment. So, you are a business that prides itself in providing the public with top-of-the-line laptops. There are a few companies on the market that can challenge you, and everyone knows this. However, you are a company that also creates tablets. Tablets that, although are of quality, aren’t exactly the best choice, both in terms of affordability and functionality. With a strong brand identity, you are making sure that a majority of customers, that have bought a laptop from you, will show up at your doorstep for a tablet, all because of their loyalty.


A customer’s trust is quite difficult to earn, but even if there are better products on the market, chances are that your customers will still be convinced that your product is the best one. This has a lot to do with the uniqueness and connection of and between your product types. If your brand has a specific feel to it, make sure that you integrate this feel into all your products and services. This feel is exactly what the customers are keen on falling in love with – the basics of consumer psychology.

Brand identification is the key way of maintaining your popularity, as well as customer recognition and loyalty. Although marketing plays a vital role in getting your name out there, it’s the brand that makes sure that your name stays out there.

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