How to Let Go when you Truly Can’t

How to Let it Go when you Truly Can’t

Hello guys! Today I would be sharing with you the most critical reality of life in the hope that you find some inspiration to better understand and master the art of life. The situation in question is when one has to let go of something that means the world to him/her.

We all have been through this situation at least once in life and are familiar with the pain. Having said that, be it a goal, an aim, a relation or a dream, the most difficult situation is to let go!

First and foremost , we have to understand that it’s not a shame to let go! Well, the most passionate and the most dedicated individuals need to let go at some point in life. Trust me, it might be the best thing you ever do.

If you possess a passionate heart, be assured that the universe still hosts a million passions to follow. Just keep on believing! Tweet This

If a truly dedicated spirit is present, diverting one’s attention becomes easier and finding things worth living for is way more stress-free than you think.

Even if all these attributes are not present, just focus on the fact that living in the past is the choice of the weak.

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1.     When Life Closes A Door, Open Several Others YOURSELF

To keep banging on the door has never helped anyone! Smashing the door might bring momentary help, but that’s not gonna help in bringing peace within. Be smart to take steps that your tomorrow self will thank you for!

Practical Advice:

If one has just been fired from the job, finding a hobby that truly pumps him up is all he requires. Moreover, been fired from a job gives the best opportunity to polish one’s skills. With the job gone, there is more time and probably a bit of savings, too.

So, what do you suppose is better investment than your future?

Or maybe a great loss in business has carried the peace away. (I agree it’s hardest to endure.)

But hey, look around, there are millions who have lost and withstand the pressure. Such are the individuals who gather a lot more back. Possibly, even more comes their way, as they have something no one else does: The Experience! This is something that makes them stand out! This is the ONLY thing that counts in the end.

It is the ONLY thing that matters in the real world.

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2.     Hey! Our Moms still love Us <3

Thinking about people who deeply love us gives much courage. Thinking about how would they feel if we quit, can pump the spirit so high that no one can take us down.

Additionally, we should consider the individuals who genuinely like to watch us fail.

Here is some food for thought: do we really want them to win? Do we want them to be happy? Are we gonna let them think that we fail? We quit? Are we gonna be the losers or the winners?

Practical Advice:

Try to focus as much on the things at hand as possible. Try to think about the good times you spent with your loved ones. Try to meet them as much as you can, or call them or chat with them, whatever that makes you happy and positive.


3.     Gather Positive Energy

That is absolutely the most essential step.

The people around us matters more than we realize, especially during the tough periods of life.

Shutting ourselves out for a week or two might be an excellent idea and it’s a recommended therapy to gather back some courage. However, it’s not practical for the entire lifetime.

If one tries, he will definitely end up killing himself!

Just for a couple of days or months, cut off the negative-mongers in the life and stay as close to positive people as needed be. The individuals who can help bring out the true meaning of life for us, who can bring out the true YOU from WITHIN YOU, deserve our company now. I would really suggest letting go of the negative mongers for the entire life, but I understand that it is not always possible so just be away from them till you are strong enough.

Practical Advice

We all have hidden treasures; positive people might help us find that out. If there is no one present in real life, put some efforts in finding optimists in the global community. Join Facebook groups or Reddit communities. Asking a question on Quora once helped me realized what I was doing wrong with life and gave me courage to fight back. 🙂 There are some real experts on Quora who can answer any question related to any life hack. Reddit and Facebook can provide you with real world people who can share with you their lives’ stories and thus the feeling of loneliness (that comes with letting go of the loved ones or a passion) will definitely go away.

Trust me! One day you will find your treasure if you just keep up the positive attitude.


4.     Be Grateful for the PRESENT 🙂

Start thinking from childhood, what exactly you enjoyed: the things, the moments that are most precious, and of course the people who are most worthy. Start thanking each and every moment.

Be appreciative that whatever misfortune I’m facing didn’t kill, that there is still a chance to make circumstances improved, that there are still moments to enjoy.

Start looking close to each day, trust me, you will find positivism in each day, moments to enjoy and appreciate in every day. They possibly be a few and far between. Still, I simply do not agree with one’s claim that the whole day was a waste and a failure! Even if that’s the case, it simply means he didn’t look close enough, he didn’t search, didn’t explore for a superior opportunity and gather positive energy.

Practical Advice

Start surfing the Internet, go to a library, join a club or forum, or just speak yourself out in the diary. One can start writing a diary for each day about small things that he is grateful for. Or start recording the voice. Speaking the heart out every day to one’s self will make a world of differences at the end.

Or start a YouTube channel, and eventually optimists will gather around, and one will realize how it feels to have company. A company that pumps us up, ensures a perfect way to move on. It makes us realize that it is not the end, that life is more than that event. That there is still a chance to be blissful again.

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5.     Let Go of the Regrets

May be you have lost something because you made a mistake or two? Well, it happens to all of us, let me share my example:

I was so filled with regrets all my life that I didn’t got a chance to think ahead. That’s what happens when we are living in the past, when we are not forgiving ourselves. When we are focusing on WHAT WAS instead of WHAT IS! For example: had I done that the results would have been better, had I taken such action life would have been better.

I learnt it the hardest way, I truly did. I was busy in surrounding myself of my past mistakes that I completely forgot to live in the present and try not to make those mistakes again.

Practical Advice

What I am doing now instead, and want you to do is grab a take away from all the mistakes that you made in the past. Learn from them and try to grow. We are human beings; we are bound to make mistakes. Learn to forgive yourselves for the mistakes and look ahead. Those mistakes are lessons, learn from them so next time you are not making them again.


6.     Work, work, work!!! Tired? Go to sleep to work again the following day…

Keeping oneself busy is the key!
Consider yourself “the President of the States”, and/or the busiest person on earth. That is the key to remove frustration off the mind and to let you breathe.
I agree that it is hardest to concentrate when you just have been through a tragic incident.
However, we will find excuses to be busy if we just stop pitying ourselves. If a habit of pitying is deep rooted, nobody in the world can help us. Even if they try we will think “oh well… I have been through a great deal of adversity and I didn’t deserve any of this. I was honest, I was right, I didn’t do anything wicked…. I was deceived, I didn’t acquire what I deserved… ”. And the sympathies never end.
The point is NOT that there is something wrong with you; the point is: trials stimulate strength. So, in order to be healed, BE READY TO STAY AWAY FROM SYMPATHIES.

Practical Advice

Millions of people have suffered the same way before us, it happens to people every day. So, be certain that it’s not just us, look around, try Googling the situation; there are millions who have suffered the same way. So, take courage and think if they can survive the pain, why can’t I?


7.     You must let it go!

Often, the life doesn’t shut us out; we have got to choose to bang a door. We should let go of a thing that was a dream of the lifetime.

Take a deep breath!

Relax those shoulders!

Gather courage…

Think about what’s more significant at the end. Consider the long term impacts. Decide for yourself: the present desires or the long term benefits?

Be true. Be clear. Most essentially, be realistic!

And let it go if there is a  negative person, let it go if that dream’s costing your self-respect, let it go if the goal you followed all your life is not taking you to where you wished.

Practical Advice

Most of all, let go if it’s causing painConsistent hard work brings best results, however, if after all your efforts put the situation doesn’t change, then it’s not worth your dedication. There comes a point when the universe clearly shows that nothing ever done would bring out a change in the circumstances. That is a sign for you to let got!

These are all my personal experiences that I gathered from letting go of the desires I cherished the most. Share with us your tips for letting go of the dreams that once held the greatest value. Share the happiness share the knowledge you gathered by letting go. Tell us why it’s the most important thing to do.

If it was useful please don’t forget to share this article with them, spread the happiness and joy. Remember somebody might be suffering with the same situation and your act might save them from great sufferings.

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