Juicing Recipes to get Rid of Acne & Blemishes || Get Beautiful Skin with Juices

Juicing Recipes to get Rid of Acne & Blemishes || Get Beautiful Skin with Juices

The real cause of acne is not skincare but diet and fruits and vegetables contain the best nutrients you can give to your skin. Three major causes of acne are blood sugar imbalance, hormonal imbalance, and digestive imbalance. To get completely rid of acne you’ll have to deal with your body inside-out.

The best way to get clean on these imbalances is to start taking natural food items seriously; especially green juices, which help work wonders for your skin. Personally, I find salads a lot to chew, so, I decided to juice them and get the benefit all the same. Besides, a person like me can never eat these many foods in one meal. So, today I have for you some of my favorite juicing recipes to get rid of acne. But before we delve into the actual recipes let’s look into the potential of each food item we’ll be using in our juices.

When you start cleansing your body from the inside, the results are evident on the outside. The skin starts to relive and breathe and that is reflected by the glow it achieves as a result of good care and special treatment.

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Juicing Recipes for Acne
Juicing Recipes for Acne


Starting off with cucumber, cucumbers are an excellent source of cleansing kidneys and purifying blood. The essential nutrients in cucumber helps reduce swelling and irritation on the skin. The soothing property in cucumbers helps to clam down acne breakouts on your skin. It’s juice is often recommended as a source of silica which helps to improve the texture and complexion of the skin.


Our skin needs magnesium and sodium as trace nutrients to stay healthy. Watermelon juice, along with these nutrients, comes with lycopene which is very good for fighting blemishes. Vitamin C in watermelon helps build collagen. Dehydrated skin is much more prone to acne. The water content in watermelon helps sustain hydration and keeps you skin calm and glowing.


Beets are famous for preventing wrinkles and repairing skin with folate. They contain high amounts of sulfur and aid in detoxification of liver. Beets have been known to break kidney, and bladder stones in addition to detoxifying the entire digestive system. They help cleanse your blood too.


Celery is an excellent antioxidant and an excellent source of beneficial enzymes, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. It’s anti-aging properties help maintain the texture of your skin.  Bacteria on our skin causes inflammation and celery demonstrates anti-inflammatory activities that help improve blood pressure and reduce the damage caused by the bacteria in the form of acne.


Apple also helps get rid of inflammation, which often leads to acne. Vitamin C, copper and other essential nutrients in apple contribute to a healthy, fresh skin. Apples help detoxify your liver which comes under immense pressure when too many toxins are consumed through drinks and the food we eat.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits are a rich natural source for lycopene, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. They help rejuvenate your skin by destroying free radicals in your body. This gives your skin the refreshing glow it deserves.  Citrus fruits are also known for alkalizing our body and fighting viral infections.


Spinach balance our hormones and are a good source of trace nutrients like magnesium. Vitamin A in spinach helps the tissues for skin and hair regrow and repair. Vitamin C in spinach is a good source of improving collagen. Spinach comes with antioxidant properties that help fight all sorts of skin problems like dehydration, acne and breakouts, etc.

Pro Tip:

Juicing eliminates the fiber from the fruits and vegetables which are good for digestion and excellent for energy. Blenders are more processed than juicing. Blender’s oxidation kills the nutrition of Vitamin C, beta-Carotene and calcium. Some people, like myself, can not digest smoothies and therefore like to go for juices instead. IT’s totally up to you what you prefer to take – smoothies and juices booth work!


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You can watch the recipes in the video or read on to find out more on them.

Juicing Recipes to get Rid of Acne


#1 Watermelon Cucumber Juice


8-10 small chunks of Watermelon

1 Cucumber

1 Carrot

1/2 Beetroot

Cucumber serves as the base in this juice. Watermelon will give it a unique taste whereas beetroot will give it a very sleek loo and feel because of it’s color. Not to forget here that beetroots are great liver detoxifiers too. Carrots are also famous for blood purifying. Take all of the ingredients with their skin because of the added nutritional benefits of the skin.


#2 Cucumber Apple Juice


1 Cucumber

1 Apple

Watermelon to give taste (optional)

1/2 Lemon

1/2 Beetroot

Lemon adds a bit of kick in the juice. This juice is rich in nutrients carried by cucumber and apple which are very good for the skin. Watermelon is optional but I like to add it for flavor. You can play with the amount of watermelon to suit your taste.


#3 Apple Tomato Juice


2-3 Tomatoes

1 Apple

Tomatoes work wonders for your skin. This juice has only two ingredients but is fairly strong in terms of the benefits it gives to your skin to clear away acne from your body. Feel free to add watermelon or any other juice of your like to give it your desired flavor. The nice rich red color makes the juice super fun to drink.


#4 Carrot Orange Juice


1-2 Tomatoes

1 Orange or Grapefruit

2 Carrots

Citrus fruit has always been known to help keep skin fresh and glowing. Carrots and Tomatoes blend well with citrus fruits and make for a very healthy beneficial juice for fighting acne on your skin.


#5 Apple Carrot Juice


3 Carrots

2 Apples

1/2 Lemons

Lemon helps fight all of the toxins out of the body. Apples and carrots are a fresh mix and they blend in fairly well. This juice comes great on your taste buds in addition to being extraordinarily good for fighting your acne.



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I hope you guys like these recipes. If you happen to try any of these to clear away your acne do share your results with me.


Juicing Recipes for Acne - Infographic

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