Jollychic in Saudi Arabia?? || Real or Fake?? مشترياتي من جولي شيك 2017

Jollychic in Saudi Arabia?? || Real or Fake??

As you can tell by the name, this is going to be a Jollychic Haul and I will be reviewing some of their products. For those of you who do not know, Jollychic is an online shopping website which has a dozens of reputable import and export companies as their partners. Not only that, they have a strong network of warehousing and logistic companies, as well as after sale service providers from around the world.


Many of you asked whether Jollychic sells original stuff or it’s fake and scam. To be honest I had the same questions and I really wanted to know that for myself as they have some really interesting stuff.


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So recently me and a friend of mine decided to check out some of the products of Jollychic, just to be sure what is the quality of service they provide and is it really up to the mark.


So the first thing that we came to discern was that their website is definitely not a scam, it’s actually a marketplace where a diverse kind of vendors interact with customers through their products.


After going through this post if you decide to get stuff from them, one advice that will come handy is that you need to look out for product review section of the particular product you wish to order. This will give you a somewhat clear understanding of the quality of product. We did the same in our very order from Jollychic.


So off to show you guys what I got from them. Just for you information I ordered two sets of products and got them with in two weeks of time. You can check out the products by clicking on the images or the headings of the products.


Product #1 Hula Hoop


Product #1 Hula Hoop -


So, first off in the list is a Hula Hoop. Well, yes. Now please don’t ask me why I bought this because I don’t know why I bought this *laughs to myself*.


Probably because the other night I was watching a hula hoop video and I thought to myself that I have never ever ever even held a hula hoop and maybe it’s high time I give myself the pleasure of holding one. Now that I come to think of it – I don’t know how to do the hula hoop thing. Never-mind.


So this one I got for around 30 Saudi Riyals ($8), I bought it and well, guess what, the quality is actually great. It came as he heaviest item in the order.


So if, like me, you think you need a hula hoop too and it’s high time you get how this thing actually works, follow the link in the heading or click on the image, it should redirect you.



Product #2 A Waist Trainer 


So, I really know little to none about waist training, I’ve watched a couple of videos on YouTube and I really wanted to dive into it. I tried to ship these belts all the way from US but they were costing me a lot, so  I decided to try to order them from Jollychic.


As I wasn’t sure about the quality of these belts, so I decided to get one of the cheapest ones. I wanted to experience what I really need and what I need to look for in better one’s next time.


So on sale these cost me around 20-30 Saudi Riyals ($5.3-$8) each.

Product #2 A Waist Trainer and a Waist Slimmer -

The waist trainer, I got for around 20 Saudi Riyals ($5.33), is kind of low in quality – lower than I was expecting. But it feels durable enough. It’s a breathable waist trainer with good wires(which I actually liked). These will kind of actually help you to maintain a good posture and maybe in the long run a good figure too.


Although I wasn’t quite happy with the quality, but it gave me a sound understanding of what to look for in a better waist trainer belt.


Product #3 A Waist Slimmer

Product #2 A Waist Trainer and a Waist Slimmer -

So this second one is not a waist trainer (I got it for around 30 Saudi Riyals ($8)) although when I ordered it I thought it’s a waist trainer. It’s actually a waist slimming belt. Yes, there is a subtle difference between them.


Although it’s a good quality belt and really likable but it smells horrible, my God. It comes with those wires too, I’m expecting them to be durable and help me maintain a good posture. But the smell is so horrible, that I literally haven’t used it.



Product #4 Compressed Cotton Tissue Facial Masks


Product #3 Compressed Cotton Tissue Facial Masks -


I was looking for them for such a long time, and it really excited me when I found them on Jollychic. I had been looking for them in various online companies that sell them, and as per my experience the acne one’s are the most expensive ones out there.


So I got a couple of them here. Honestly, I wasn’t completely satisfied with these masks so I thought I’d do a combination of these masks and some DIYs.


This one cost me around 30 Saudi Riyals ($8) and it has got around a 100 pieces in it. Just to mention here, almost everything I got was on sale, because I wasn’t much sure about the quality or the service and had to take a leap of faith there. I wasn’t quite convinced to waste a lot of my money there.


This product comes in a cute little packaging, everything written on the packing is in Chinese and everything inside could make you think they are candies. But they are not. I really like the compressed tissue masks inside the neat packaging.


It also comes with a free spray bottle and a free container.


Don’t forget to see how i use these sheet masks to make 5 DIY Acne Sheet Masks You Must Try!!


Product #5 Fairy Lights


Product #4 Fairy Lights -


If you follow me on YouTube, you’ll see these ambient fairy lights in the background. These are the one’s that I got from Jollychic. Well, yes you can get them from IKEA and so many other places but being a person who doesn’t like to go out much and my routine hardly allowing that kind of freedom, I was relieved to get them ordered online.


These one’s I got for around 11 Saudi Riyals ($2.93).


Product #6 Decorative Rattan Ball Fairy Lights


Product #4 Fairy Lights -

These were for 11 Saudia Riyals ($2.93). I’d say they are pretty good, pretty much the same quality you would get on a physical store.

I’m currently doing a makeover of my room and I’ll be playing around with them to give the room a fresh look and feel.


Product #7 Plug Hooks


Product #5 Plug Hooks -


I really did not think such things existed until i actually came across one. So this stuff is coming from China, no points for guessing, Chinese are famous at organizing.


I myself LOVE organizing every little thing in my life. So yes a huge fan of organizers there.


You hang these on the wall and put the electric wire plugs around the hook so they are not everywhere on the table or all over the floor but neatly arranges aside where they are supposed to be.


These were for 7 Saudi Riyals ($1.87) for two. So I had to get them for my kitchen. These might not be the best of the quality but they do serve the purpose very well. And that too on such a minimal expenditure.


Product #8 Storage Rack


Product #6 Storage Rack -

This one I got for my Mom; for the kitchen actually. It’s used for organizing dishes and trays. It’s of good quality, made of steel.


It cost me around 12 Saudi Riyals ($3.2). It looks quite good and I think will serve its purpose for a good duration of time.


Product #9 Ladies Hand Bag


Product #7 Ladies Hand Bag -


This one was the most expensive item on my order. I got this bag for my sister for her birthday.  It cost me around 60 Saudi Riyals ($16).


Honestly, with this quality it’s a jolly good bag. It looks very pretty too.


Product #10 Camera Tripod Stand


Product #8 Camera Tripod Stand -

The last item on the list is a tripod stand. I’ve wanted one for long. Previously I used to put my camera on a pile of boxes on top of which I used to put a pile of books. All this just so the camera would stay still on the desired position. Adjusting the height became very annoying sometimes.


The stand cost me 60 Saudi Riyals ($16). A little high in price if you compare it to other products but then again it serves the purpose I got it for. Since I’m not a professional photographer or videographer, the basic need for me was to record my videos in peace. Hence, I am satisfied with this.


It’s not a 10/10 product, rather I’d call it a 5/10 product if you use it for professional purposes but for a regular vloger, youtuber it is a 10/10 because it rightly serves the need. It’s adjustable to height and rotates as well, so that is pretty much what I could need from a stand.


So that’s about it for the list.


I heard from a lot of people, that you need to have a credit or debit card to make purchases from Jollychic. BUT that’s not quite right. You don’t need to have an account or any such cards to make purchases from Jollychic. IT’S CASH ON DELIVERY.


You can also check out there discount codes here. They have a good number of discount codes which keep coming every once in a while, for all the different purposes. I would have linked a code here but the codes keep changing.  You can keep a track of the codes from this website page.


In total the stuff me and my friend ordered cost around 700 Saudi Riyals (~$187). After using a code for 18% discount, we got around 200 Saudi Riyals (~$53) off.


That’s all I have to say about Jollychic. Please do share with me your review about this review or anything you wish to share about your experience with Jollychic.


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