“January Dreams” by Carrigan Richards – A Romantic Fantasy Thriller

"January Dreams" by Carrigan Richars - A Romantic Fantasy Thriller - AimzFolio

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“January Dreams (The Dream Saga) “ the story about an average seventeen year old, high school girl Megan, who wants to be out of high school and wants to be in college so she can leave stressful life at her home.

The Plot

After Christmas break, she started having weird and romantic dreams about Casper Truitt,the most attractive boy in the school. In dreams they are in deep love, but in reality she hates him so much, suddenly she feels his attention towards her, which leads to know that he likes her. Then Megan meets Vincent the shy but handsome looking office boy, she falls in love with him and they start dating. But whenever they get closer, she shared a vision with him, which shows some other place and time; she can’t let go of these visions and that seems to be very confusing.

The dreams and vision make Magen worried about her life and how she feels about Casper and Vincent, as the time passes the dreams becomes more intense, and she gets closer to the meaning of her dreams.

What’s there for you in “January Dreams“?

This book is a wonderful romantic fantasy. It also includes action, fantasy, war, spiritual creatures, suspense and most importantly a love triangle (who doesn’t love the thrill of it 😉 honestly tell me). The story is beautifully written with heaps of curiosity, you simply can’t put it down once you started reading it. Especially in the last few chapters the plot of the story takes a serious turn which builds up more curiosity in the reader’s mind. I really like the chemistry of Casper and Megan which makes the book ever more interesting.

Carrigan Richars puts her great efforts in drawing these beautiful characters, just like her other stories, it takes you deeper and deeper as the story proceeds. Until the end, she makes the reader stick to the plot because of the magic of enchanted by the story.

January Dreams is one of the books that you can’t afford to miss. I really wish that Carrigan comes up with a sequel so I could get more in love with the characters.


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Also, please let me know what do you think about January Dreams ? What were your favorite characters? Which scene gave you that chilly feeling? Most importantly, are you satisfied with the climax? 😀 I am too excited to find out.


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