Instagram’s attempt on stealing Snapchat’s thunder


Instagram, one of the most liked social networks, has now introduced its “stories” feature similar to that of Snapchat.  This feature encompasses temporary content that is available for only 24 hours from the time of posting.

The feature is almost identical to the central feed in Snapchat, which also goes by “stories” and which hopped-up the company’s growth rate right after it was introduced in 2013. Persuading people to post more frequently and more freely about their lives and activities, Instagram’s new “stories” feature tend to basically change the nature of an app that has already 300 million daily users.

instagram vs snapchat

This feature enables Instagram users to “post in real time.”

This new addition in Instagram is gaining skyrocketing response from its users. Unlike Instagram’s main feed, there are no like/comment or other feedback options for Instagram stories.

You can also reply to Instagram stories with text, but the chat will appear in Instagram Direct mailbox. Just like on Snapchat you swipe up on your own story to check the list of people who have viewed your story, you have got to swipe up your Instagram story to check the list of viewers, but Instagram allows you to restrict certain users among your followers from being able to view your story on their screen.



On contrary, if your Instagram account is public, your story is public, too then you can slide on someone’s public story without following them simply by tapping on their profile photo.

Even though, if your account is private, only accounts you have approved would be able to see it. Instagram’s and Snapchat’s stories are similar in one way or another.

Snapchat’s app launches on the camera screen so capturing a new photo or video for your story is literally as simple as pressing a single button.

Whereas on Instagram, you can access the camera for Stories by swiping from the left from your main feed or by just tapping the plus sign in the top left corner of the app. Both apps also allow you to shoot videos up to 10 seconds long.

Since these two apps are no more peculiar, I conjecture if they’ll also lose their charm.

Arooj Aleem

Arooj Aleem

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Arooj Aleem

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