14 Insta Accounts that will bring out your Inner Hair Stylist

Insta Accounts that will bring out your Inner Hair Stylist

I Love making new hairstyles, trying out different looks on myself (and if other people allow me to). For this reason, I’m always in search of new inspiration on the internet.


Till last year most of my inspirations came from YouTube or Pinterest but then I got tired of seeing same people over and over (and I should tell you this about me; I’m very lazy and MUST need new people/stuff to keep me motivated)

Anyways, I searched for inspiration on Instagram (a social media that is considered just for people to show off their things). But Instagram is much more than food. People are using it to exhibit their talents via beautiful pictures. There are so many amazing people out there who are putting their work through Instagram for the world to know.


I recently switched my account in which I ONLY follow people that can motivate me and are inspiring (to keep me on the right track).


And there are TONS of Instagram accounts that can literally bring out the inner hairstylist of yours.


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1. AimzFolio (@aimzfolio)

Heehaw!! I finally found a platform to promote my Instagram Account 😀 😉 I know it’s a cheap shot but I have some good stuff to motivate you. Please Follow me 😛


2. The Hair Look (@thehairlook)

I don’t know her real name, but I LOVE her to bits. She posts hairstyles that looks so intricate (always beats me). She also has a YouTube account but only one video so far. Must Follow her!

hairstyles on instagram 2

3. Shannon Mustard (@hairstyles_by_shannon)

She’s from Scotland and is ONLY 17 years old. Her account is full of the hairstyles that she does on her friends and herself. She’s so pretty with beautiful hair. Her hairstyles inspire me A LOT.


4. The Daily Braid (@thedailybraid)

Seeing her photos, I can presume she like Rapunzel a lot. 😛 You should follow her. She loves braiding her hair in difficult manner. (I LOVE you btw 😉 )

hairstyles on instagram 3

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5. Rachel’s ‘Your Braids’ (@yourbraids)

Rachel’s Your Braids’ bio says: Here to inspire. Got that right 😉 (Y) She shares beautiful hairstyles by other hairstylists on Instagram.


6. Sarah Angius (@sarah.angius)

She’s an Iranian Beauty who shares her knowledge of Hair and Beauty through the world of Social Media and Blogging. She creates amazing 15 second hair tutorials on Instagram and now on Youtube as well.

hairstyles on instagram 4

7. Mia & Linda (@aurorabraids)

Mila and Linda are two sisters from Norway with Beautiful Locks. Seeing their hairstyles can tell their love for hairstyling. Please make detailed tutorials, you guys are awesome!!


8. Kristen Zellerz (@kristenzellerz)

Ahhh those hair <3 I have virgin hair and I always plan on coloring my hair but never have that courage but seeing her silver hair makes me want it. (Should I?) Anyways, check out her hairstyles as well 😛

hairstyles on instagram

9. Braids by Katie (@braidsbykatie)

She’s only 15 and loves to braid her hair in super intricate style. (well her and her dummy hair too 😛 ) Katie does combo Braids like no one else.


10. Karen Banks (@molliebanks5)

Karen Banks is a Self-taught Scottish braider from the UK (according to her bio). I think she does hairstyles on her daughter’s hair (I’m not sure). But she’s quite talented with the hands. I like the little details she does with the hair in her tutorials.

hairstyles on instagram 5

11. Sam Villa (@samvillahair)

My favorite Hair Designer is a must follow. He is a great inspiration for really cool hair cutting and styling tips and tricks.

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12.Kathy-Braids (@kattbie)

Her hairstyles can make my day. I keep looking at the styles thinking ‘How???? :O’ I’m telling you if her styles don’t bring out the inner hairstylist in you than…….. 😛

hairstyles on instagram 6

13. Sabrina (@hairstyles_by_sabbi)

She too is 17 (I feel old L ) from Austria, Europe. She has beautiful and healthy hair and tries so many cute braids on herself and her friends. Must check out her account for daily inspiration.


14. Aimee (@braids.by.miss.wallflower)

Aimee, (According to her bro) loves God, braiding and playing the piano! I don’t know about piano, but she does a pretty good job in braiding her hair. Her Dummies hair is super healthy.

hairstyles on instagram 7

These accounts will keep you scrolling for hours. Good Luck!

And Have a Great Hair Day!

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