Inspirational Entrepreneurs: 6 Ideas. 6 Lessons. 6 Success Stories. 6 Reasons NOT TO GIVE UP!

interview series of inspirational entrepreneurs of pakistan

AimzFolio was started with a vision to inspire and portray the true culture and beauty of our Country Pakistan, which is often listed in terrorism sections. In addition to general inspirational topics; our CEO Aiman Khalid has contributed a lot in hair styling and makeup inspiration.

Our New Venture: An Interview Series Introducing 6 Inspirational Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

This series is going to focus people like you and me who made brought home true success despite all odds. It is directed to inspire and motivate people, especially the local youth, to put their energy and resources in a positive and constructive venture.. The motivational series will be directed at startup owners and those who think that winning big is not possible in Pakistan.

We are choosing to feature “Pakistani Inspirational Entrepreneurs” because most of us are aware of the famous and successful people around the globe, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. But the true heroes of Pakistan are unknown by most. So, the excuse we give is that those entrepreneurs had supporting society and educational system at their disposal. But since, the political system in Pakistan is corrupt and we belong to internally war-stricken society that has no stable economic backbone we simply can’t be that great!

Our series is going to prove this concept WRONG! If we think Pakistanis are incapable of being great, the only thing we lack is self-realization .

For the sack of this month, we have interviewed six successful entrepreneurs: 

The first Pakistani Comedian team on social media to make us laugh hysterically: 3-Idiots. You can’t possibly forget their Amir Liaquat 😀 ).

Read the complete interview here.

An inspiring Blog/Brand Designer and one-of-a-kind photographer, Sadaf is a great example of how we can make our dreams work solely through our talent and utilize simple resources like blog and insta to let the world see.

Read the complete interview here.

Architect by profession but find freedom in his art as an escape from the everyday life hustle. His work reminds that Sadequain is still there in Pakistan.

Read the complete interview here.

As his Facebook Cover photo says: “Designs that will blow your mind.” And we totally agree. He is an amazing Graphic Designer with a pronounced sense of creativity.

Read the complete interview here.

So, you are living abroad and think a startup run by Pakistani won’t be successful? Well, our favorite Thai ma’am is going to prove you absolutely wrong! This truly inspirational entrepreneurs is making a great living through her own business in London.

Read the complete interview here.

An author at Amazon Kindle and successful writer of countless publications; Qudsia Ehtram gained success in mare 3 years of her freelance career. You will be hooked, as we did, by her story from a ghost writer to an author at Amazon. 🙂

Read the complete interview here.

The series starts on 4th of March. There are even more hundred of inspirational entrepreneurs out there waiting to motivate you to get your dream.

Don’t ever give up even when you have a single breath left in your body!


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4 thoughts on “Inspirational Entrepreneurs: 6 Ideas. 6 Lessons. 6 Success Stories. 6 Reasons NOT TO GIVE UP!

  1. Yes, we definately lack the factor of realization, you are so right!. Just keep working on such projects , we need such things to be provoked in our society and ofcourse theseamazing personalities are deserved to be well known ????

  2. Indeed, a very good initiative it is that you have taken @aimzfolio. We need to know about stars that live amongst us and yet remain concealed due to lack of motivational forces that may aid in promoting them and bring them forward into the spotlight.

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