Oops! Ran out of your favourite makeup product? Make your own!

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Today, we have a guest, Merry Elle from EmElle La Belle. She shares her amazing secrets of  DIY makeup products utterly handy when we are running out of our favorite cosmetic products (or if you are on a budget).


Yes, you read that right. Make your own cosmetics! AKA DIY Makeup.


We’ve all been there. We’re running late and we look into our makeup bag and, “CRAP! I ran out of *insert makeup item here*!” haha, trust me. I know how much it sucks.


Well, luckily, there are some quick and easy solutions that will help you complete your makeup look.


Though these solutions probably won’t work as well as the real thing that you’ve purchased from the store, these DIY suggestions will work when you’re in a pinch.


DIY Eyeliner

Super easy if you’ve run out of eyeliner.


Simply wet an eyeliner brush, and swirl it around in the eyeshadow of your choice. You can also use this trick when you want to try out a funky coloured liner, but don’t want to commit to buying it. Try it with that awesome bright turquoise shadow you have in your collection!


Bonus Tip:

If you wanna get a little fancier, mix some crushed up the black shadow with coconut oil and aloe vera. Add a little bit of the oil and aloe vera until you get the consistency you like.


DIY Lipstain

This one is fun and yummy!


Take a packet of Koolaid powder and empty it into a container. Simply dampen a lip brush or Q-tip and dip it into the powder, and apply to your lips.


If you want a tinted balm instead, mix some vaseline or coconut oil with a bit of powder and apply that to your lips.


DIY Setting Powder

Ran out of your face setting powder? Try cornstarch instead. Yes, that stuff that’s in your kitchen cupboard. Take a big fluffy brush and dip it into the powder and apply where needed.


Skin Primer

Did you know you that aloe vera is an amazing primer for your makeup? It helps soothe skin and calm down any redness.


If you’ve run out of your usual primer, try mixing a little bit of aloe vera with your moisturizer, and apply that directly to your skin. Your skin will be prepped to help your makeup last all day!


DIY Eye makeup remover

Always take off your makeup before bed! This is a huge for your skin’s health.

But what happens if you’ve run out of your handy dandy wipes?


Try this:


Mix olive or coconut oil with a bit of facial cleanser and apply the mixture to a cotton pad and go to town. It’ll help dissolve the makeup right off your face. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your face off after. I usually like to take the cleanser by itself and rewash my face with it as the last step.
So, there you have it. Some quick fixes for the next time you’ve accidentally forgotten to make a pit stop at the drug store. Try these out and let me know how you do in the comments section below!

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