7 Methods to Improve Self-Confidence That Won’t Fail

methods to improve self-confidence

Hi there, you beautiful people,

So today, we’re talking about something that matters to all of us – self-confidence.  We’re going to go through some fabulous methods to improve self-confidence that will help you live your life like a BOSS B-) . So, let’s get started.

We all struggle with it at times, and sometimes, boosting your confidence seems to be such a tricky thing. We beat ourselves up for not being perfectly self-confident all the time. But, guess what?

First of all, no one’s perfectly confident all the time.

Secondly, self-confidence isn’t something you have to be born with – it’s something you can develop by using the right techniques and adopting a positive approach towards yourself.

So, before we dive into the fabulous methods to improve self-confidence, first, let’s discuss the things that can cause us to lose our it and start doubting ourselves and our abilities.


What Makes Us Lose Our Self-Confidence?

Struggles are inevitable in life, but sometimes, the struggles we go through cause us to lose our self-confidence a little. Here are some factors that can make us lose our confidence:

1.     Negative Parents and Teachers

Childhood and early teenage are important stages in our lives when it comes to developing self-esteem and self-confidence. The support of parents and teachers is crucial in these stages of life and if they are negative, they can have a quite long-lasting toxic effect on us.

Constant criticism, bullying, and demotivation from parents or teachers can distort one’s self-image.

2.     Negative Self-Talk

“I’m a failure.”

“I’ll never be able to be as good as XYZ.”

“All of my friends are successful/married/good-looking, and look at me!”

“I wish I could…”

Negative self-talk is the most damaging thing you can do to yourself. Not being mindful of the way you perceive yourself will cost you a loss of self-confidence.

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3.     Toxic Relationship or Narcissist Friends

They can be just as damaging as toxic parents or teachers. If your partner or friends are extremely self-obsessed and narcissistic, this can damage your self-image and leave you with a low self-confidence.

4.     Comparing Yourself To Others

Our habits make us or break us. If you have the habit of comparing your life and your personality to others, it is bound to leave you with self-doubt.


There can be a lot of factors behind the loss of self-confidence. It can be a useful practice to start writing down all the events or people in your life that have affected you negatively so you may know what aspects of your life you need to work on.


7 Killer Methods to Improve Self-Confidence


So, without further waiting, let’s dive into the methods to improve self-confidence we’ve designed for you.


1.     Positive Self-Affirmations

As I talked about earlier how negative self-talk can damage your self-confidence, positive affirmations are just the way to help you recover and achieve all the things you want to. Positive affirmations can do miracles by helping you overcome your inner barriers.

Wondering what positive affirmations are and how to use them?

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You can also download our Free Monthly Win Calendar that will help you boost your energy, self-confidence, and is a great source of motivation. It has worked for me and many others, hopefully, it’ll also contribute in transforming your life.

2.     Let Go of Toxic Relations

Perhaps your parents, siblings, teachers, or friends have had a toxic effect on you.  Forgiving, and letting go is the one thing that will set you free. It’s not simple, but by reminding yourself that no one can define who you are, you’ll be able to cut off all the threads of negativity that have been pulling you down.

Stop letting others take control of your life and your self-image and you’ll feel more self-confident and peaceful.

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3.     Stop All the Unhealthy Comparisons

Understand that the age we’re living in, people like to fabricate the illusions of perfection. There’s no one without struggles – we just like to portray ourselves as people who’re extremely secure and happy.

And even if people are happy and secure, learn to be happy for them, but don’t compare yourself to them. This is where the good old gratitude comes in. Acknowledge your own blessings and talents and work on them.

4.     Surround Yourself With Positive People

This might sound like a cliché advice, but believe me, it works! Instead of wasting your energies by listening to self-centered people or the negative ones or even the ones victims of inferiority complex or those who like to pull you down, be around people who’ll lift you up and show you positivity in every situation.

5.     Do Something For Someone

I believe that humans are designed in a way that not being constructive and positive for the world around them affects them negatively in one way or another.

You don’t have to be some Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian. Just do small good things for others that contribute to their lives positively. It will boost your own self-confidence and will bring you the most precious feelings of peace and joy.

6.     Set Goals and Be Accountable For Them

I know it sounds like setting goals and having accountability will make you feel pressurized. Well, fear not, because when you set goals for yourself, no matter how small they are, and go on working on them, achieving them, it restores your faith in yourself.

Accountability is important in many ways. For one thing, when you’re with a group of people, who’re motivating you to achieve your goals, it will help you get rid of social awkwardness. For another, accountability is a great cure for procrastination.

7.     Invest Time in Yourself

You’re the only you in your life, so give yourself some love. Take out time for yourself. Mediate, or go out in the sun, cycling. Enroll in a yoga class, or meditate. The more you invest in yourself, the more you’ll feel comfortable about yourself.

Mediation, especially, in an amazing way to get connected with your inner self.

Learning new skills or developing the ones you already have will make you more productive as a human being and will definitely boost your self-confidence. Start teaching those skills to others, and it will double to positive influences.


Do share your thoughts about these 7 methods to improve self-confidence in the comments section. Have you tried any of these methods, or is there a technique you’ve tried and would like to share with us? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

And, don’t forget to download our Monthly Win Calendar.

Why? Because it’s fabulous, and it’s free. 😉

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