I will win, not immediately But Definitely

I will win,

You must have been listening to or reading the quote “Hard work is the key to success”.

Sometimes, you keep putting in the hard work but it doesn’t seem to be paying off at all…


Why is that so?

It is definitely because you don’t BELIEVE in the work you are putting in. you don’t WANT it to pay you off.  You just seem to have doubts about what you are doing or maybe you just don’t want to do it at all.


The key to success lies not ONLY in hard work but in continuity of that too. You just have to push yourself to go a bit further along. That’s the way to win, work continuously hard.


A mile long walk won’t finish unless you keep running hard till the end, you just have to believe that the destiny is not far away. A bit more, a bit more and a bit more….


You shouldn’t give up. If the path you have chosen is the right path, and you are putting in the best you can, you must know that you are going to be a winner soon. Maybe not today, may be not tomorrow, but sometimes soon, soon enough, and you know what, you are getting closer to that SOON with every step you take.


Feeling down, go to Baskin Robbins; get a scoop of your favourite ice – cream (YES, even if you are on diet, a cheat is allowed when you know that you are giving 100%, and believe me, your inner conscious know very well whether you are giving 100% or not).


Feel better, now get yourself up again and go run towards your goal, your destiny, your prize is waiting for you. And when you reach there, one day, you are The Winner. You are going to be proud of yourself.


You are going to be the king of the world.


Now look back and think about your journey. What if you had given up??? Do not let yourself haunted by the “What if…???” for the rest of your life.



Go out there and win yourself… conquer your doubts and win the world…

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Have a save journey to your destiny…



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