How to Shave Legs for a Silky Smooth Skin

Shaving is I guess the most controversial method when it comes to hair removal for women. Everyone forbid me to shave legs, it’ll make your hair grow thicker and some said shaving will darken my skin. And So, I never tried it.

But being a hairy girl, it’s so hard to wax or epilate at least twice a month. Even though epilator takes less time and effort than waxing, it always created bumps and redness on my skin. (Plus it creates so much noise :/ )


Anyways after seeing so many ladies claiming they all shave their legs regularly and have no problem with that. I thought I’d give it a try and I can proudly say that it’s by far my favorite hair removal method for certain reasons.

  • Epilator always leave bumps and red marks on my skin and razor doesn’t. (Surprisingly !)
  • Razor takes almost 10-15 minutes to shave.
  • It’s less painful. Yes! It is.
  • It makes no noise 😛

What Tools You need?

  • First of all; choose a shaving cream. You want a Shaving Cream that is less foaming and is more creamy. Like Bare Intimate Shave Lotion for Women by Luxxx Beauty
  • If you don’t have a Shaving Cream, no worries! A Hair Conditioner would work perfectly. (I always use my conditioner) Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner.
  • IF you’re just starting with shaving, choose a razor that is gentle on your skin. I suggest using the disposable ones they only have one blade which makes it more easy and safe to use. I use disposable ones only for my private parts but for legs I prefer Razor with more Blades. Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor is extremely gentle on the skin.

How to Shave Legs without Razor Bumps?

  • Start off with a Clean & Wet skin otherwise exfoliate to remove any dead skin or dirt. A dirty skin will result in less razor bumps or scars.
  • Apply the shaving cream/ conditioner over the leg and shave moving the razor upwards. You’re moving the razor against the direction of your hair.
  • For the areas that are hard to get like ankles or under the knees, apply a gentle pressure, you don’t wanna bruise yourself. Always clean the razor after using it and leave it for air dry.
  • After you’ve shaved, don’t forget to exfoliate. Some people prefer to do this step before shaving but I feel like it gives me more smooth skin when I do it after. A friend of mine told me to shave again it gives her soft baby skin. (What’re your experiences?)
  • Once the skin is dried moisturize it with either a body lotion or Shea Butter is amazing as well. This step is very essential as it will avoid the itchiness after shaving.


That’s it for today guys. I really hope this post was helpful for you. If you have any questions, leave them down below and I’ll make sure to answer them. Loves

Have a Non-Hairy Day 😉

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