How to Increase Profit Tremendously in One Simple Step

How to Increase Profit Tremendously in One Simple Step

If you are an entrepreneur, a solopreneur or a freelancer, then you have no chance but to read on! It made me increase profit and be more productive at the same time!


So, how did I find the right thing to do? Let’s find out:

Let’s take it from the beginning; my secondary school teacher advised us to carry out the tasks that are difficult first before the easier ones because tough tasks need more attention so the practice will ensure better productivity. I tried doing that and was successful in being more efficient 40% of the time!

Cheers 🙂


Days passed and I remained an apple of most of teacher’s eye. Just kidding 😉


As I was saying, I kept practicing my teacher’s words until in university the advice started to fail! Luckily, one day our lecturer mentioned to do the tiny trivial tasks first! That way our to-do list is shortened and our mind is tricked into thinking that there is less work left. The burden, thus, lifted!

As the number of assignments, quiz, assessments, presentations, projects, etc. etc. etc. were driving me crazy so the trick really did prove to be of great help!


Now, let’s dive into the real world!


In the Real World: None of the Practices Worked!!!


The entrepreneurship proved itself to be much more challenging!

School life’s practices went down the gutter taking the university ones with them!

Okay, so by going down the gutter I do not mean that I was not able to accomplish my tasks. By that, I meant: no matter how hard I tried my profits were not raising and I was stuck with an income that was not at all suitable to my level of experience.

However, that didn’t make me quit doing what I love. I kept on striving for my heart’s desire. Meanwhile, I had a very close look at the winners for tips and tricks for raising profits!

Don't give up if you want to increase profit for your business
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The Secret to Increase Profit!

Our efficiency is never consistent 24×7. We have our peak timings and the steep negative slops, too. Hence, the first and foremost step is to pick the time you are most productive in order to increase profit!

I hate to be suspense creator so here goes the real piece of advice:

“Do the most profitable tasks first”!

Emphasis on PROFITABLE! Here is how it works:

Let’s say you have 10 tasks for the day. Now, if you are completing 20% of the day’s tasks and have accomplished the most important task, then you actually must have accomplished 80% of the results! Which is definitely great for your business!


As for me, I have been doing the most profitable tasks plus pitching to new clients at the start of every day! For me, early morning is the most productive time. I am super active with a fresh and rested mind. I have found some people as exactly opposite; they are most productive after midnight! (God knows how 😛 )



For great results perseverance is the key! Keep practicing the golden rules of the winners and have a look out for inspiration.


Anyone looking for more advice on increasing business productivity and profit please stay tuned! I have another one coming next week 🙂

Till then, keep rocking your business. Bill Gates wasn’t always that rich you know!

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