How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair this Winter – A Guide to Healthy Hair

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair this Winter - A Guide to Healthy Hair

Winter time is coming, and I think we can all agree that ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year!’


The days will be colder. The nights will be cozier.


But it won’t be wonderful for the hair. No, it won’t… The differences in outside and indoor temperature can cause roughness, dryness to the strands of our hair. In result, itchy scalp and frizz :/ :/

(I hate frizzzz) :/


Unless we follow proper hair care.


Don’t forget to take of your Skin as well during this winter.


I gathered some of my favorite tips and products that are great to get rid of Frizzy Hair this Winter, so you too can rock those frizzy hair without looking like Monica…

how to get rid of frizzy hair

1. Fall in love with Silk for Getting Rid of Frizz!

Yes, you heard it right. I’m talking about silk pillow cases, silk scarves, pretty much anything that’s touching your hair/face should have silk.


The smooth fibers of silk helps keep moisture close to the skin and hairaccording to Jennifer Peterson (Dermatologist) Since, it’s made by the larvae of silkworms it has proteins and amino acids that we all know are important for hair.


It definitely is a small luxury but with huge benefits.


2. Drink away your Frizz!

This seems pretty simple and I think everyone knows about it too.


Still not everyone stick to it.


Let’s face it, drinking more water will result into more toilet visits and the chilly washroom during winter is a hard task.


But in the end, we all hate rough, dry, annoying itchy frizzy hair. So, aim for 7-8 glasses of water everyday this winter.


3. Shampoo less!

It’s easy. Since we’re all avoiding showers during the cold. (or is it just me ?? :S )


Shampooing more than twice a week can suck up all the oils from your scalp, leaving your hair dry and prone to breakage.

Instead, use a gentle conditioner after each shower, it will not only help your hair from getting frizzy but will also make them smooth and shine.


My favorite one is: Dove  Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.


BONUS TIP: Try Crystal Serum for locking in split ends by Energy. It is found at any beauty store in Gulf Region.

Cost: SAR. 20-30 (depending on the retailer)

how to get rid of frizzy hair serum

4. Avoid Over-Brushing!


As I said earlier in this post, cold days cause dryness and thus the hair becomes more delicate. If combed more often it will cause more damage.


  1. Try combing the hair couple times-a-day.
  2. Keep them in braids as soon as you hop out of the shower. That way you can get rid of the frizzy hair and have cool crimped hair after opening them. Genius Right??
  3. Use a Paddle Brush for example this one. It’s much gentle on the strands, causing less breakage.

    5. You are what you eat!

Next time you go grocery shopping, get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids like fish, nuts, olive oil, flax seeds, and avocados for a healthy scalp.


Read my Fruits for Hair for a list of fruits to add in your diet for better looking healthy hair.


Fill up your meals with foods rich in vitamin C, which is excellent in boosting the production of collagen (protein that maintains skin and other tissues).


6. Moisturize your scalp!

Conditioners are for the ends but moisturizing your scalp is also essential.


Include a rich hair mask before taking a shower.

Try my favorite Hair Masks or Onion Juice for shiny, lustrous and healthy hair.


Oils are amazing for your hair during winter to re-gain moisture. Apply it to the roots of the hair and leave it for (at least) two hours before washing.

(I prefer leaving the oil overnight)


That’s it! If you apply even two of these tips, I can guarantee you can get rid of frizzy hair this Winter Season!


Remember! You are Beautiful if you feel Beautiful.

Lots of love Aimians, will see you in my next post.

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  1. oh you’re soo lucky 🙁 I’m in Saudia and the weather is dry basically the whole year :/
    And thank you so much. can you tell me more about this award?

  2. These are all great tips, especially for the curly-haired folk like me. We have to fight the frizzies! I would also add that coconut oil has been really good for my hair. It doesn’t lock out frizz, but it makes my hair moist and healthy.

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