Secrets About Himalayan Salt Lamp That Nobody Will Tell You

himalayan salt lamp

Ever noticed those Pinkish salt lamps on the side of your spa or on the tables of a psychic? Himalayan Salt Lamp has been originated and created in Pakistan for centuries, yet a lot of us are unfamiliar with the benefits of this Magical Air Purifiers.

himalayan salt lamp

I bought my first Himalayan Salt Candle Holder back in 2015 when I found out about my allergies. A friend suggested to me and I thought ok let’s give it a try. Since then, Himalayan Salt Lamp or Himalayan Salt Candle Holders have been a part of my home décor.


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And today I want to share with you why I love Himalayan Salt or Himalayan Salt Lamps, where you can buy them, how you can find out if it’s original/fake and how to get the most out of this Natural Stress Releaser.


himalayan salt lampBenefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

How do the Himalayan Salt Lamps purify air? Himalayan Salt Lamp attracts moisture from the surroundings to it’s surface, upon burning clean water evaporates quickly. this process creates negative ions.

All the dirt, pollutants, dust particles and allergy particles carry positive ion, and you know the rest; negative ions have a neutral effect on the positive ones as a result you get a purified air. These positive Ions can no longer be airborne.


How Himalayan Salt Lamp can reduce Harmful Frequencies from Electronics? The toxic rays coming from all of the electronic screens; cell phones, laptop, tv screens etc. are said to be reduced by producing Negative Ions.  This is where a Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in, as mentioned before it creates negative ions and can be used to get rid of the harmful radiation from Electronics.


How Himalayan Salt Lamp can save us from our Furniture? We are surrounded by Positive Ions: Our beds, sofas, furniture made of synthetic fabric, synthetic perfumes, cosmetics, they all absorb negative ions that a human body needs and thus reducing the concentration of Negative Ions.

You can, ofcourse, use negative ionizers, or natural sunlight to create negative ions but a Himalayan Salt Lamps are cheaper and are such aesthetics. Am I Right?


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How Himalayan Salt Lamp can Reduce Stress? The most harmful thing positive ions (coming from our surroundings) can do is increase toxins in our body and this affect our nervous system as well. This increases our stress levels, tired and dull. This is why a small stroll on the beach or a park can calm our minds because the air is a lot cleaner and we can also create the same effect using Himalayan Salt Lamps.

There are probably a lot more benefits but I’m only familiar with these. If you know any comment down below, I would love to read.

How to Spot a Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Now, that I’ve convinced that we’re living in a toxic environment (oops), it’s important to know if a Himalayan Salt Lamp is Original or somebody is scamming you. Here are a few things I know that will make sure that you’re putting the money in the right hands:

  1. Made in Pakistan: I feel so proud writing this, if your Himalayan Salt Lamp packaging doesn’t say that its generated from Pakistan, It’s Fake! Because Himalayan Salt is mined from Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan Only, it can be packages or manufactured elsewhere but it still should say originated from Pakistan.
  2. It doesn’t Sweat: Since the Himalayan Salt Lamp absorbs moisture from the air, the moisture is released upon heating. If the Salt is not heated that is you don’t turn it on, it is going to sweat, meaning it will leave some water on the table.

himalayan salt lamp

  1. You won’t be able to read in the light: The Himalayan Salt Lamp creates a very natural Pink and dim light, you won’t be able to use it a reading lamp. The light would also be uneven, and this is due to the thickness in the salts.
  2. You can Eat it: haha no I’m not asking you to literally eat the lamp. Since, the lamp is made up of pure Himalayan salt lamp it should made up of edible salt. Just bring the lamp closer to your face and you will smell the salt, and if you are somebody like my brother, try tasting it and you’ll know it.

What are the best places to purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Because of its popularity, there are probably hundreds of places that you can find a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp. I’m going to mention here the places I purchased the lamp from, hope it helps:

  1. Yin – Yang Shaped Himalayan Salt Candle Holders from Pk – PKR. 399
  2. Pyramid Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp from Healiv – PKR. 700
  3. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp from Healiv – PKR. 600


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How to Get the most out of my Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Himalayan Salt Lamp:

  1. For best results, leave your lamp on 24/7.
  2. Have a Salt Lamp for each person in the house.
  3. Or Keep one salt lamp in each room you spend time in.
  4. For an average bedroom, a salt weighing 5 lbs is most beneficial.
  5. Place a coaster underneath the Lamp or clean every time it sweats.
  6. Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are a lot cheaper and are aesthetically pleasing.

himalayan salt lamp

Do you own a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Or are you going to purchase now that you know how necessary it is now?

Remember! You are Beautiful if you feel Beautiful.

Lots of love Aimians, will see you in my next post.

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